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Comment Re:Can he win? (Score 2) 395

I suppose everyone else is a "liberal" to extreme right-wingers. Clinton was a moderate by USA standards, but he was a right-winger by world standards. If the USA political spectrum were a football field (with the moderates at the 50-yard line), the repubs would be situated down past their side's goalposts, through the bleachers, and somewhere out in the parking lot. It's fucking scary.

Comment Re:Can he win? (Score 3, Insightful) 395

Don't blame Clinton for the shutdown. I'm not sure what was in that budget, but it must have been terrible since as a moderate, Clinton was willing to negotiate most of the time. You seem to overlook the fact that the repubs were the ones issuing threats. How little has changed. They're still a bunch of spoiled children, as evidenced by their last shutdown a year or two ago.

Comment Re:Can he win? (Score 2) 395

I'd like to see where you're getting your numbers.

So tell me, how do tax cuts for the rich translate into lower deficits? Repubs have been promising that for decades and it has never worked. It's fools math the repubs like to sell to folks who don't know any better. The government requires money to run. If you're not getting the money from taxes, it needs to come from someplace else. You either need to borrow it to pick up the slack (deficit) or do cuts (which affects most people rather badly). So where does the extra money come from?

The mortgage debacle was caused by corporate greed and lack of regulation. The banks would give a loan to anyone who could fog a mirror because they could make a quick profit iby reselling those shit loans and leave someone else holding the bag. Furthermore, Bush had advance warning of 9/11 and did nothing.

Comment Re:He's also an interesting candidate for this (Score 1) 395

Except a lot of the dems don't advocate all those things. They play lip service to the ideas but they never follow through. What is liberal or socialist about that? The dems' only saving grace is they aren't as spiteful as the repubs-- the repubs have often been incredibly mean-spirited lately just to gin up their racist inbred base, and I for one am sick of it.

Comment Re:Can he win? (Score 4, Insightful) 395

No, you got crumbs, and even that was an unintentional byproduct. The rich got a hell of a lot more benefit out of Bush's policies than you did. Look at what happened to the debt under Bush. The only POTUS who did a worse job was Reagan with his bullshit trickle-down economic policy. Unfortunately, the repubs took that as gospel and we've had 30 years of it. As a consequence this country is a withered husk of what it used to be.

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