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Comment: Benner Model (Score 5, Interesting) 525

by pvt_medic (#40549077) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Does Your Company Evaluate Your Performance?
I work in healthcare and the model often used is Brenners Novice to Expert. This looks at the development of an individual in their practice. While a great model since it allows one to compare themselves to themselves and looking for improvement, it also promotes team work. Of course this is a little difficult to apply many software firms. Another model is using a 1-5 scale, where 5 is exceptional, 1 is unsatistifactory, 3 meets criteria, 4 is exceeds criteria, and then they tally these for whatever metrics used and divide to get an average. Comparing staff to each other does not develop team work and only works in competitive environments like sales where you want people to outdo each other.

Comment: Software the future of computing (Score 2) 286

by pvt_medic (#37567282) Attached to: Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying
Think about how much raw power computers have today, and how for the most part we are just using that for word processing/email/internet/music/video. This is just an example of how to utilize this power. Its all about software now, this is just another example of how databases will continue to interact more and more. There are great possibilities for how this can be used (and horrible options as well) but think about medicine being able to identify a John Doe who is brought into the Emergency Department, or your home security system identifying who is knocking at the door. And of course, this technology is not new, its just finally coming out for public usage.

Comment: True to a degree (Score 1) 380

by pvt_medic (#30255468) Attached to: What the iPod Tells Us About the World Economy
The challenge with this analysis is that it only focuses on a small component of the overall economy. The apple iPod is a great example of this, and areas where the US can develop and market these high tech items we can assemble them oversees as ultimately we will make the profit back here in the US. The challenge is that there are many elements of the economy that based soley on manufacturing and this is an area where China has an advantage. Also many companies that were historically american have been purchased by oversees holdings. Overall if you look at the flow of money for most parts of the US economy the money ends up in other countries. Ultimately to have a healthy economy you need both high tech and manufacturing balanced appropriately so your companies are not too dependent on other countries. This is where the US suffers the greatest

Comment: Re:One Question (Score 1) 967

by pvt_medic (#24276431) Attached to: Batman Discussion
I say Catwomen and for a couple of reasons. When getting the new suit it was mentioned that it would protect against dog bites, and then they mentioned cats in that same line. But more in the themes that this franchise has had with underlying social storied, I think a new flame in bruce's life vs a new enemy would be a fitting continuation for the movie

Stanford To Charge Reconnect Fee For DMCA Notices 344

Posted by kdawson
from the your-tuition-dollars dept.
theantipop writes "Stanford didn't like appearing on the MPAA's list of 25 worst offenders. Last week the university issued notice of a new policy in which students are charged a reconnection fee, ranging from $100 to $1000, if they fail to respond quickly enough to a DMCA complaint. The policy is to take effect September 1 this year. As a show of 'good faith' they are graciously allowing all students to start at the $100 fee level for subsequent notices."

+ - UTSA starting a Cyber Security Center

Submitted by
nawtykitty writes "The University of Texas at San Antonio has announced that they will open a new computer-security research institute. They even were able to hire Ravi Sandhu away from George Mason University. It seems that the University of Texas at San Antonio is striving to make a name for itself in the growing market of computer security. As the article points out,

"increasingly sophisticated hackers have learned to exploit vulnerabilities in, for example, business-to-business deals involving large sums of money".
Is the creation of cyber-security institutes a good thing, or are they attempts to draw more grant money for Universities?"

+ - Oracle App Express adds PDF and Microsoft Access m

Submitted by Rob
Rob (703254) writes "Oracle's next version of its Application Express tool is adding several features to entice users of Microsoft Access to consider migrating. They include a new ability to output to PDF, to make it easier to print and distribute reports; a revamped charting engine that takes advantage of the Adobe Flash run time to make cleaner tables and graphs; and a new Microsoft Access migration tool. The tool is designed to make it easy to develop fairly rudimentary, data-driven web applications where you need to grab data from an Oracle database. It's aimed especially at Microsoft developers to consider Oracle as the next step up from Access, when concerns such as auditability cause you to reconsider whether to continue using Microsoft's entry level database."

Cringely Predicts Apple to Ship OS X for Any PC 789

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the aqua-for-all dept.
boosman writes "In his current column, and in a similar op-ed piece in The New York Times, Robert X. Cringely predicts that Apple 'will announce a product similar to Boot Camp to allow OS X to run on bog-standard 32-bit PC hardware.' I dissect why this is unthinkable and challenge Cringely to a public bet on the subject."

Vonage Puts VoIP 911 Caller on Hold 464

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the not-too-good dept.
kamikaze-Tech writes "It is being reported on the Vonage Forums that last month when Loren Veltkamp's Chanhassen, Minnesota home caught on fire, he immediately called 9-1-1 using Vonage. Unfortunately, Vonage put him on hold, causing a delay in the response from emergency workers. By the time fire crews arrived, the fire had become a five-alarm blaze. The house was a total loss."

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