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Submission + - Global Internet Routing Meltdown Narrowly Averted

puzzled writes: Some guys in the Czech Republic made a little mistake in BGP configuration and the whole internet rang like a gong for about ninety minutes while the NANOG kids sorted it out. This seems to be a fairly good write up; not so technical that you'd have to be a protocol droid to understand it. Apparently stuff like this almost happens on a not too irregular basis.

Journal Journal: Stranded Wind: This Is The Hydrogen Economy

You've been hearing about the hydrogen economy for quite a while. We're pleased to report that it is ready to go using technologies that have been in use in economically successful projects for the last twenty years.
We'll warn you in advance, however, as you're not going to find any cute, soundless cars or futuristic cityscapes. The use of hydrogen as a fuel for at least the foreseeable future begins and ends in an Iowa cornfield ...
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Journal Journal: Slashdot stories OK, comments are worthless 3

I've been reading Slashdot for about nine years now. There have always been trolls and cretins as a component of the peanut gallery, but as the userids go higher the clue seems to decrease. I think I'll still read stories but starting 2/20/2006 I'm just not going to comment any more - I might as well try to have a technical discussion with one of the homeless people that haunts the park across from the downtown library as say anything of value here.

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