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+ - Global Internet Routing Meltdown Narrowly Averted

Submitted by puzzled
puzzled (12525) writes "Some guys in the Czech Republic made a little mistake in BGP configuration and the whole internet rang like a gong for about ninety minutes while the NANOG kids sorted it out. This seems to be a fairly good write up; not so technical that you'd have to be a protocol droid to understand it. Apparently stuff like this almost happens on a not too irregular basis."
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+ - Jon 'Maddog' Hall tells a funny story about Linus

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puzzled writes "I was the the VON show in Boston today and I bumped into Jon 'Maddog' Hall. We chatted for a bit and the subject of the SCOX vs. IBM lawsuit, which I track fairly closely, came up. Jon told a funny little story about how Linus got his Lifetime Achievement award from Uniforum. I managed to capture the moment on video for all to enjoy :-)"

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