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Comment: Re:Bit Mental (Score 1) 625

by put_the_cat_out (#33762190) Attached to: Senate Votes To Turn Down Volume On TV Commercials
The government relies on TV programming to keep the people happy and satisfied, so that the people don't spend too much time scrutinizing the government's actions. If they did, they would realize that their rights are slowly being eroded, no matter which party is in office (warrantless wiretaps, anyone?). This makes it critical that the government address issues that might possibly cause people to turn away from their TV's.

Comment: Re:I've had a long-running problem (Score 1) 756

by put_the_cat_out (#30953788) Attached to: MSI Will Launch iPad Alternative

No offense to you or your wife, but if she wants to use a computer she needs to learn how. If she refuses, she perpetuates her frustration when things don't work as she things they should. If she really never *ever* refers back to old windows then tell her to hit the X instead of the _

Based on your statement, and since this is /., I will assume that you are an engineer, and not one who cares to adapt the things you make to the needs of the user. Rather, you appear to be of the type who gives consumers something you've designed and tells consumers that they have to live with the design, no matter what, because you, the engineer, designed it that way.

Wake up. There's a better way to design things. It's called being consumer-centric. Design things with simplicity and based on the way consumers actually perform tasks.

Comment: Re:Decoupling of product and user (Score 1) 945

by put_the_cat_out (#30892962) Attached to: The Apple Paradox, Closed Culture & Free-Thinking Fans
One of the things Apple does not do is place annoying stickers all over their products advertising what components are on the inside of the computer. There's no "Intel Inside", or Microsoft logo, or anything else. As a consumer who hates those stupid stickers, and the glue residue they typically leave behind, I appreciate Apple's approach.

Comment: Maybe I live in a hole ... (Score 1) 1172

by put_the_cat_out (#30047370) Attached to: Glenn Beck Loses Dispute Over Parody Domain
I don't watch Fox News Channel. I actually tend not to watch any of the news channels, as I find they all have their particular biases, and I choose not to put up with their crap. If it wasn't for this Internet meme and all the news surrounding it online, I would never know who Glenn Beck is. Now, I have some idea of who he is, and I have a very low opinion of him too. This is the Streisand effect in action and at its best.

Comment: Re:Translation (Score 3, Interesting) 279

by put_the_cat_out (#29923413) Attached to: How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
But what if Terahertz waves can also be used to kill a cancerous tumor? Think about this ... take to sources of focused EM energy beams, neither in the Terahertz range, and aim both energy beams at a cancerous tumor. When the two energy beams coincide at the tumor, through constructive interference, localized Terahertz waves are generated that disrupt the DNA of the cancer cells to the extent that those cells can no longer replicate. Since the energy is localized, damage to the surrounding body tissue is minimal and can be repaired by the body in a short time. As a result though, the cancer is gone.

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