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Comment Re:Get ready for high pricing (Score 1) 93

Meldium's security FAQ is a joke:

In order to provide app management and automatic login, Meldium must store some of your sensitive information on our servers. For user management, we may store your API keys, your username and password, or an OAuth credential.

A limited set of Meldium employees have access to the secure fleet and the master encryption keys

Due to the architecture of our system, it is technically possible for a Meldium employee to gain access to your secret data. As a matter of corporate policy, this kind of access is forbidden.

I, too, hope LastPass will be able to maintain their passion in the face of LogMeIn's corporate culture, but when it comes to security I will not trust to hope.

Comment Re:Betting we'll see thermal issues. (Score 2) 84

At least nVidia has significantly improved their heat/power troubles with Maxwell, and the 960m isn't that powerful.

I've said it before, but thin and powerful notebooks like this and the MBPs make me wish for reasonably priced Thunderbolt GPUs. This model even has the shiny 40Gbps TB3 port for one.

Actually, what I really want is for Microsoft to stick a TB port on their next Xbox and let me use it as a GPU.

Comment Re:Surface Book (Score 4, Informative) 87

Apparently the display isn't wireless, it just talks to a dedicated GPU in the base when the screen/tablet is docked. Should reduce latency, but unfortunately the GPU would be nice when using Photoshop et al. in tablet mode. The screen can also be flipped and attached backwards, for a faster--if unwieldy--tablet experience.

I wasn't too impressed with the pen demo on the SP4, seemed rather laggy, like what you'd expect from an iPad. Still waiting to see if the iPad Pro 'Pencil' is half as smooth as Apple's videos made it look.

Comment Re:Continuum could be a big hit... (Score 4, Interesting) 87

It's not so bad... with the Surface RT people went in expecting it to be like a Windows laptop that ran Windows software. Here people have the expectation of the device being a phone that runs phone apps; having some of the functionality of a desktop is a bonus.

It still seems like a niche product, though; most people with expensive smartphones also have other, better productivity devices. Taking your smartphone, plus a dock, and carrying or hoping to borrow a screen, keyboard and mouse where you need them seems inconvenient at best. The best use case I can think of is giving your smartphone-toting kids a cheap but limited PC with a full-size browser, Microsoft Office for school assignments, and potentially other apps if developers are actually willing to invest in the niche platform.

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