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Comment: Re:That's the market system... (Score 0) 161

by pushing-robot (#48030701) Attached to: Grooveshark Found Guilty of Massive Copyright Infringement

Yes, the system is so horrible these days. Why don't you go to your grandfather and say "Record companies are so unfair now! They let me listen to any song I want at the push of a button, but I have to listen to an ad every fifteen minutes or else pay them money!"

Actually, make sure your grandpa has his cane before you say that.

Comment: Not a thorough analysis (Score 5, Funny) 107

by pushing-robot (#48004205) Attached to: How Did the 'Berlin Patient' Rid Himself of HIV?

Does the subject possess any mysterious rings, amulets, or lamps?
Does he make sacrifices to chthonic gods, and if so, which?
Did he recently undertake a quest to bring together a collection of ancient magic gems?
Is the hospital frequented by a wizard or a druid cult?

I appreciate the work they did, but when they don't even consider the patient being swapped with his twin from an alternate dimension it's hard to call it rigorous.

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