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Comment Re:Don't go the way of Vancouver (Score 1) 169

Vancouver has NO taxi service. It is not a taxi town, everyone drives cars. Taxis, when you can get them (airport or phone in) cost real money. Public transit is perfectly fine for the young and poor. Vancouver also has the worst traffic in North America, according to Wikipedia.

I live in Vancouver, and none of this is true.

Comment Re:Not creepy at all (Score 1) 142

Much of the information is "published" without the user's knowledge or explicit consent; for example, most people probably don't realize that pictures taken with smartphones are automatically geotagged. The point of the app is to remind people that you don't have to make constant "I am here" posts for people to be able to track you.

Comment "Shameful" is the wrong word (Score 1) 209

We don't have an adequate word for stuff that we are not ashamed of, but still don't want everyone to know about. If we had such a word, it would be a whole lot easier to refute the "why do you need privacy, if you have nothing to hide" argument.

The fact is, there is widespread prejudice against a lot of relatively benign personal interests. We just can't resist judging people, it's part of the human condition. Hiding your otaku-ness from the outside world is probably a good idea.

Comment Re:Parenting (Score 2, Informative) 342

Yes, that is the thing, governments should stay out of morality, its best for everyone.

So, you are saying that murder should not be illegal? Theft? All laws are about morals, it is just a question of which morals are important enough to be enforced by law.

No, laws are about protecting people's rights. If someone is murdered or stolen from, their rights have clearly been violated. If a minor murders an imaginary person in a game, or sees a nipple on TV, no rights have been violated.

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