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Portables (Apple)

+ - iPod on iFire 1

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "So, everyone knows that when it comes to sales, iPods are hot, in fact, they are on fire. Now according to this article, your pants may be too. Apple won't comment about how often iFlameouts occur. It seems to be your standard lithium-ion-battery-bursting-into-flames story. Really nothing new, but something to think about."

Techdirt: RIAA May Have A Pretty Strong Case->

From feed by techdirtfeed
Lots of folks are paying plenty of attention to the first RIAA lawsuit to go to a jury trial. Initially the reports were that the defendant's case was strong, and the RIAA didn't have very much evidence. In fact, the RIAA's star technical witness has been debunked before, and it appears that many of his claims were once again debunked in the court room. However, even with such weak technical evidence, I have to agree with Tim Lee that this sounds like the RIAA has a pretty strong case, based on the combination of the IP address and the username in Kazaa. It's the identical username that the woman uses for many, many different online accounts -- making it tough to believe that someone else happened to be using that same username from an IP address assigned to her account. It also seems highly questionable that the woman would claim she never had Kazaa with that kind of evidence. There are still some legal questions here -- including whether or not the court will instruct the jury that simply making content available is copyright infringement. However, it's disappointing that this is the case that's going to trial, because it certainly looks like the RIAA has stronger evidence than usual in this particular case. Despite what some people think my position is on the issue of unauthorized sharing, I absolutely do not condone it (nor partake in unauthorized sharing). I think the laws covering this type of thing tend to do more damage than good to the very industry it's supposed to help -- but that doesn't mean people should be free to ignore them. I also think the RIAA is making a dumb business decision with these lawsuits and that it often accuses people without much real evidence. However, even with the flimsy technical evidence, the combination of other factors certainly makes this look like a much stronger case from the RIAA's side. That's unfortunate, because if the RIAA does win, more people will assume it legitimizes their lawsuit strategy and even supports their other cases where the evidence is a lot weaker. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it's difficult to see how this case was a good one to fight the RIAA on.
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Portables (Apple)

+ - Apple vs. its Customers: the Great Smackdown->

Submitted by
jammag writes "This article, Apple Arrogance Unleashed, catalogs the ways in which Apple has tweaked its customers — yes, it starts with the iPhone bricking, but it goes on from there. Writes the author: "Steve Jobs once said in an interview that 'the only problem with Microsoft is, they just have no taste.' That may be true. But the only problem with Apple is that it has no gratitude. Or humility. Or generosity. Or manners." Okay, point made, but does Apple have to be a saint? Gear-mongers will still obediently troop out and buy the over-priced gew-gaws, won't they? Or will they?"
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+ - Adobe Photoshop vs Ulead PhotoImpact vs GIMP?

Submitted by
JeremyDuffy writes "I do web design, graphic design, and now a comic strip and have used Ulead PhotoImpact 7 for years. I know Photoshop is the "king of all design", but are the newer versions of PhotoImpact any competition? Do I need Photoshop for what I do? And is GIMP in the race at all?

Mostly, I want the ability to use a graph tablet well, vectorized art for clean lines and resizing, and I like PhotoImpact's ability to create materials easily with different textures, reflections, backgrounds etc.

Oh, and I definitely don't want some CE, SE, or other watered down version that's made for photo editing only.

Samples of my graphic and web design work HERE
Comic HERE"
Linux Business

+ - Linux set to dominate in embedded systems->

Submitted by zoomcloud
zoomcloud (445893) writes "EETimes reports that Linux is set to dominate the embedded space.

We hope it's true — because 'embedded devices' are the fastest growing sector of IC processing power. From the article:

"Linux remains an attractive operating system choice for a range of embedded development teams for a number of reasons, including: royalty free run-time costs, advanced networking capabilities and technical features and the large base of engineers familiar with the OS."

Great to have positive Linux coverage in EETimes for all of us *hardware* geeks!"

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+ - First thought on Windows Vista SP1

Submitted by
Vinit writes "Microsoft has delivered Vista SP1 to a group of approximately 12,000 beta testers. If you are thinking that the Service Pack 1 will at last provide major interface improvement or some cool new features then you're in for a disappointment as the new version focuses on "improving performance, reliability and application compatibility." The most unexpected change comes in Windows search function as integrating third-party programs (such as Google Desktop Search) is much easier now."

Engadget: Google slams Verizon over 700MHz auction rules->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Wireless

For something as incredibly boring as the FCC's 700MHz spectrum auction -- look, large corporations battling it out over arcane regulations! -- Google and Verizon have somehow managed to hold our interest. They keep spouting off catty little remarks like the one Google posted on its public policy blog yesterday in response to all the lobbying Verizon's been doing lately. Responding to the big V's claim that open-access rules are met simply because consumers can potentially buy unlocked handsets from non-carrier parties, Google's team shot back that Verizon was ignoring "the realities of the US wireless market," and making arguments that are "simply contrary to what the FCC's new rules actually say." Verizon hasn't said anything in return yet, but we expect them to TP the Googleplex any day now.

[Via GigaOm]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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+ - Computerised pillow stops snoring->

Submitted by
HOTTILA.COM writes "A scientist has created a solution for snoring — a computerised pillow that shifts the head's sleeping position until the noise stops. "The pillow is attached to a computer, which is the size of a book, rests on a bedside table, and analyses snoring noises," Daryoush Bazargani, professor of computer science at the University of Rostock, Germany and the pillow's inventor, said. "The computer then reduces or enlarges air compartments within the pillow to facilitate nasal airflow to minimize snoring as the user shifts during sleep," he said. The ergonomic pillow can also be used for neck massages. Mr Bazargani said several US firms were interested in manufacturing the pillow. "I invented it because I snore," he said. "I tried all sorts of products, but nothing worked. I hope people who use it will sleep more peacefully." Mr Bazargani was displaying a prototype of his pillow at a health conference in Germany."
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Engadget: Samsung ships USB connected 940UX LCD monitor->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Displays

It's been a long time coming, but Samsung has finally loosed its 19-inch USB connected 940UX on the public. Starting today, interested consumers can snatch the monitor up, which "leverages Samsung's proprietary UbiSync technology to allow multiple screens to connect via USB, rather than VGA, without the need for a graphics card or any special video hardware." Yes, that means that each screen boasts an onboard video card and embedded driver software, and yes, you can connect up to six screens to one PC -- provided you have that many open ports, of course. The pain? $379 a pop.

[Via Electronista]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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The Register: Fifty years since Sputnik->

From feed by registerfeed
Everything changes, everything stays the same

Fifty years ago today the space age was truly born, as Sputnik sent back its first signals from orbit. Half a century ago, the Soviets launched what would be our first artificial satellite, and set in motion a revolution of technology.

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The Courts

+ - Day One Recap of the Minnesota RIAA Trial->

Submitted by
eldavojohn writes "Yesterday was the first day of the RIAA trial against a 30 year old single mother. The RIAA lawyers presented their evidence against the defendant which doesn't bode well for her. She can't use the wireless router excuse either. From the article, 'The RIAA's witnesses testified that the internet protocol address assigned to Thomas by her ISP the night of Feb. 21, 2005 was the source of the shared songs on the Kazaa network. The RIAA also put on evidence that the cable modem used that night was registered to her. Also, the username of Tereastarr was logged into Kazaa using that IP address and modem that evening, according to testimony. And the RIAA points out that Thomas had her computer hard drive replaced some time before turning it over in evidence.' The RIAA could not, however, state that they had witnessed the actual infractions. This trial was mentioned in an earlier story."
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Engadget: The Onion says Apple backlash set for March 21st, 2008->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

With all of the hype and excitement surrounding Apple products, it's clear that the company has created a climate for a massive and sustained backlash. Well, according to a new report in The Onion, Wall Street forecasters have set a date for the tide to turn: March 21st, 2008. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Steven Shore, a shift in attitude will occur which will cause users of the Cupertino juggernaut's products to, "Look down at their glossy white or black devices and feel a sense of embarrassment and gullibility." Shore went on the say, "They will realize that, despite all the sleek design, they got caught up in a wave of hype that made them shell out additional hundreds of dollars for options and features they didn't need." The report claims that Apple will respond to the news with the release of a mint-green iPod in late October, though we have our doubts that the company is considering anything lighter than emerald.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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Technology (Apple)

+ - Suing for $1,000,000 over $200 iPhone Price Drop->

Submitted by
Fierythrasher writes "When is $200 worth $1,000,000? When you're this woman ( who seems to believe her iPhone is made of pure gold. Her claim is that she is now unable to sell her used iPhone for what she could before the $200 price drop last month. As such, Apple and AT&T need to pay her 7 figures. Makes total sense. Every early adopter should get a million dollar reward for having the newest toys first, right?

In all seriousness, this seems proof that this country needs a stiffer penalty to punish those who litigate frivolously."

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+ - Linux on the handle bars->

Submitted by
xpqz writes "Quarq introduces a linux-based bike computer! reports: One of the most intriguing launches at Interbike was a pairing of power measuring crank spider and power meter/global positioning system (GPS)/heart rate monitor/altimeter computer from new company Quarq Technology. What's especially interesting if you're a hardcore bike instrumentation geek is that the display unit will run open-source software, so developers will be able to modify it and write applications for it."
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