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Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 224

by punterjoe (#28585681) Attached to: AOL Shuts Down CompuServe
I must admit, hearing of the demise of CompuServe is like hearing an obit of a celebrity you didn't know was still alive. I haven't thought of CIS in years, though - along with the Source, it was my "gateway drug" from BBS to commercial services. It's too bad AOL can't donate all the CIS IP to someplace like the Internet Archive, to preserve it - sort of like an online Colonial Williamsburg (grin). CompuServe, now that I'm reminded of you, I miss you. Time to break out the old Dead Kennedy's & Sex Pistols LPs & wax nostalgic for"morning in America"

Comment: Looks good on paper (Score 1) 1385

by punterjoe (#27613547) Attached to: Obama Proposes High-Speed Rail System For the US
Then again so did Acela. The reality underwhelms. The only thing Acela had in common with REAL high speed rail was the completion time & final pricetag. I don't doubt that such a project is doable, however I'd be stunned if the political (porkbarrel) process allows it to be done right. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try, but we must keep a close eye on it to prevent it from becoming another "Big Dig"

Comment: Re:That's not the real issue (Score 1) 640

by punterjoe (#27344077) Attached to: Why Fear the End of the R-Rated Superhero Movie?
They're just going for the lowest common denominator. I don't mourn the death of the R rated superhero movie so much as I mourn the loss of complicated stories intricately told - ie movies for adult minds. Why drift slowly toward the bottom? Why not just embrace the impact zone & simply release Telletubbies The Motion Picture?

Meeting The Ethanol Challenge: Scientists Use Supercomputer To Target Cellulose ->

From feed by sdfeed
Termites and fungi already know how to digest cellulose, but the human process of producing ethanol from cellulose remains slow and expensive. The central bottleneck is the sluggish rate at which the cellulose enzyme complex breaks down tightly bound cellulose into sugars, which are then fermented into ethanol.
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+ - Wii Opera Browser: A Storm In A Tea Cup?

Submitted by
Steve Fulton
Steve Fulton writes: "We here at love the Wii. We think the the Wii Browser with a Wii-mote is the best internet experience that any game console has been able to create to date. However, what we don't know is if the Wii Opera Browser is just a "storm in a tea cup" that few people will ever experience, or if it will really amount to something worth talking about. e=2637"

Astronaut Has 'Wasabi Spill' in Space 164

Posted by Zonk
from the argh-my-eyes-all-i-see-is-green-and-burny dept.
Sda~ writes "You learn something new everyday: There is nothing in the astronaut training manual about how to clean up flying wasabi. An inadvertent Wasabi spill this week aboard the ISS has made space agencies re-evaluate including the spicy paste in future meals. The astronauts are allowed some of their favorite foods on each trip, to alleviate homesickness. 'Williams, whose father was born in India, has several Indian dishes in her bonus container, including Punjabi kadhi with pakora - vegetable fritters topped with yogurt and curry - and mutter paneer, a curry dish. The dishes are packaged to have a long shelf life in space. Her U.S. crew mate, astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, is an even bigger foodie. Lopez-Alegria, who was born in Madrid but grew up in California, had Spanish muffins known as magdalenas, chorizo pork sausage and latte in his bonus container.'"

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