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Comment Sadly Microsoft encouraged this. (Score 3, Informative) 65

WE don't get clean reinstall DVD's, Microsoft allows the builder to put whatever crap they want on the computer. Honestly it's all microsoft's fault.

Go back to shipping a MICROSOFT PRESSED installation DVD with the machine as a requirement and the install must be done from a clean image no extra crap is allowed to be installed on the machine. yes that means they have to use decent chipsets instead of the crap-tastic stuff like Marvell and other really low end china dog food devices.

Comment Re: Torrent (Score 3, Insightful) 311

I should be able to easily buy a silencer. In fact most gun owners should be REQUIRED to own silencers to reduce the amount of hearing loss and noise pollution around gun ranges.

Yet most people freak the hell out about anyone owning a silencer... (Tip: silencers dont silence anything... it reduces the 160db crack down to 102db so I'm not popping ear drums and making you hear the crack at your home from the gun range)

Comment Re:Torrent (Score 5, Insightful) 311

The funny part is it's a LOT easier to make an AK47 (full automatic) in a garage with some cheap easy to get tools than it is to print a plastic pistol with a single high cost hard to get tool. I can go to any tool store and buy everything I need to make an AK47 for less than 1/3rd the price of the 3d printer that is capable of doing it. Yes my cheapie china metal lathe will be of crap quality and probably fail after making only a a few guns, but it's still possible.

Yet these drooling morons in charge of most governments are so poorly educated that they prefer to freak out about a plastic toy that only rich people are able to actually make and the usability of the "gun" is very very low. Every time there is a new "outrage" or "law" passed on this thing it tells me that the leaders of that country have IQ's that are so close to 80 (functioning moron level) that it's scares me a bit.

If people are electing very low IQ people to leadership positions does that mean the collective IQ of the general population is so low that they think these people are smart?

Comment Why? (Score 2) 192

So why, in 2015, is SQLi still leading to some of the biggest breaches around?"

Easy, idiots writing the apps because companies don't want to pay for skilled people that demand honest wages. they instead outsource ti for the lowest bidder and then bitch when they get crap quality because that is all they were willing to pay for.

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