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Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 0, Troll) 184

I see you dont know ANYTHING about the revolutionary war.

1776 was a bunch of rich people convincing the poor to fight for them. George washington was just pissed his riches were being taxed along with all the other "founding fathers" It was a fantastic job of convincing most oft he citizens to fight for "freedom" that only the richest men enjoyed and they shovelled that " you can be too" BS down their throats to help convince parents to send their kids to die for the rich guys.

Tea partiers don' know anything about american history other than the propaganda crap taught in high-school. It's why you guys are not taken seriously.

The biggest difference, back then the rich guys had the balls to actually be near the front lines and even on them. Today our country is ran by 100% cowards.

Comment Re:I'd go to an impoverished third-world nation (Score 0) 820

Then do it cheaper, show up with a private contractor militia, local official wants a kickback? give it to him in 5.56 rounds from your bodyguard named bubba.
Declare you are setting up a private police force to clean up the corruption, horribly gruesome wipe out several of the top dirty cops and the rest will fall in line.

Comment Not many options. (Score 1) 146

Hughesnet is the ONLY choice for high speed and yous lowest ping is 3000ms. yes 3 freaking seconds is the Shortest ping you will ever get.
Also the bandwidth you pay for it really cloudy. they cant explain why my data transfer counters don't match theirs some months they are higher than me by 2gb.

So in order to make sure you don't go over you have to pay for the highest bandwidth plan they have. Which if you can't swallow a $299 a month internet bill, then it's game over for your at home business.

Also remote access screen control via hughesnet is insanely painful, I do it regularly, but everything takes 10X more time.

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