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Journal: I confirm that "Life is Worth Living Again"

Journal by pudge_confirmer

For a while, I confirm, I had lost faith in the constants of the Universe. I had thought some things that I had long relied upon had changed. No, not subatomic physics. Not even Newtonian physics, in the limit of relative velocities being zero. Not even evolution as a predictive theory.

Yet change is not necessarily a bad thing. Change can be good, but it can also be upsetting. unsettling. uncomfortable. different. unpredictable.

Some people say change is inevitable. Some people say change happens. Some people even rely upon change, welcome change, greet change with a smile of expectation.

But some fear change. And some can not change.

It is good to see that some things can be relied upon. The outcome of certain experiments can be predicted. That balls still fall. That knees still jerk. That nuts still have cases.

Some things never change.

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Journal: to my newly neutral ex-friends; 1

Journal by pudge_confirmer

I am a new man. I love all men, and even more so especially women. Friend me, and I confirm I will friend you back. And then you will get to be notified and read my amusing and insightful journal, and I will be notified and read your amusing and insightful journal. A win-win!


Mr. Confirmer

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Journal: A question of ethics, especially for CGN

Journal by pudge_confirmer

My friend * Christopher G. "pudge" Nandor makes a point of his credentials (from BIOLA) as a journalist. I have a question of journalistic ethics, and perhaps CGN or others might care to comment.

Assume a hypothetical situation: at work, on the work blog, a blogger notes their journalistic qualifications. Let's say in the past, the blogger (a self-proclaimed journalist) has volunteered at a home for unwed ("single") mothers or teenage mothers, helping them through those difficult months before or after they might choose to have an abortion, helping them "bear" that lovely child.

Then, let's further assume that in the same state that the blogger resides and volunteers, a law comes up that really, really riles up that blogger. It is about anti-abortion "clinics" and maybe even volunteer organizations that are happy to be seen as "clinics" having to watch their step, and not mislead.

Now, I would think a journalist could rightly point out the pros and cons of such legislation.

But should the journalist blogger disclose their (private or public) actions in this area, that might be interpreted as being biased about the issue itself? (so that the reader of the blog need not spend inordinate amounts of time investigating the blogger)

I think, yes. I think it would be a violation of journalistic ethics, or at least give the appearance of a violation, to not point out evidence that a reasonable person would want to evaluate to discern the true leanings, and the possible prevarications, biases, and possibility of lying, of the journalist blogger. Just as legislation might be used to hold various sneaky, underhanded, biased, lying by omission, sneaky, organizations to a "truth" standard (so as not to mislead "the public"), I think journalist bloggers should be held to a certain level of truth and full disclosure that is and appears to be ethical.

But your opinion may vary- and I would love to know why.

* in the interest of fill disclosure, I note that pudge is on my friends list, and I am on his foe list, last I noticed....

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Journal: A light is dawning for me. Can we choose between liar, self-delusion, wrong... 6

Journal by pudge_confirmer

In a way, it is all coming together for me with respect to pudge.

Of course, pudge often uses the term "liar", when a less judgmental term such as "self-deluded", "wrong", "mistaken", "I disagree", or such could be used.

Many would like to call him a liar, or worse- myself among them at times.

When I see something like, for example, when pudge writes:

"If you had asked, however, whether I am open to change, irrespective of the calendar, then yes, always." ,

I confirm I am tempted to take issue with the word "always" used in the context of "open to change".

What is dawning on me is that probably it is very hard for him to help himself- he thinks he has free will, he thinks he is open, but how much do any of us have free will?

But the Tao is in all of us.


Journal: "No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others." 4

Journal by pudge_confirmer

"No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others."

A good line, but free-market zealots parrot that no one enters a transaction unless they want to. But then we get monopolists and mafia in the garbage business and corrupt unions, because they know how to get someone else's buck so well- yet the victims benefit. So, how about:

"No one prospers unless she renders fair benefit to others."

You prosper most, when those around you prosper fairly by your actions. OR even better:

"One prospers most by providing more than fair benefits to others."

United States

Journal: One little mistake 4

Journal by pudge_confirmer

Giuliani said: ''I did omit the words 'since Sept. 11.' I apologize for that.''

Hey, no problem. One little phrase, one little attack on America. No problem. You all know what Giuliani meant. Anyway, the attack was really _planned_ on Clinton's watch. Yeah, like the recession! Clinton left it all for Bush! And America! Yeah!


Journal: pudge postable! 1

Journal by pudge_confirmer

Hey, I confirm that friends and foes can post to pudge's posting at []

just to say hi! and hope he had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I did.


Journal: by pudge

Journal by pudge_confirmer

Heh. I confirm pudge ( Christopher G. Nandor ) has been getting better at avoiding criticism, flames, and the common sense of others not holding his views.

- do not post at slashdot (test? test? since when do you TEST ? )

- do not post at use.perl

- do not post any content at , just wank off your friends

damn, this is better than watching roller derby

PC Games (Games)

Journal: I confirm I love Hot Mormon Muffins!

Journal by pudge_confirmer

Hey, pudge, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

(this journal may be edited by me at

for awhile... or look for all journals at ... isn't pudge wonderful? )

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