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+ - China overwhelming sites hosting Censored Content->

Submitted by puddingebola
puddingebola (2036796) writes "The New York times reports that China is using a "new weapon" called the "Great Cannon" to overwhelm sites such as GitHub and that host censored websites. The story is based on a report from UC Berkley and the University of Toronto, found here From the story, "China’s new Internet weapon, the report says, is similar to one developed and used by the National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ, a system outlined in classified documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden, the former United States intelligence contractor. ""
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Comment: New Macbook (Score 1) 85

by puddingebola (#49446523) Attached to: Intel's Core M Performance Is Erratic Between Devices
I have noticed some wide disparities of performance in reviews of the new Macbook. One review I read put battery life at 7 hours, another at 11 hours of continuous video playback. Since there were no specifics, I don't know what to attribute these differences to. Who knew that the growth of mobile devices would direct manufacturers to focus on the design of the device? Intel's concern is now heat as much as power efficiency or performance. This point aside, if I were going to put down money for a new laptop, and using Mac laptops as an example, why would I plunk down $1300 on a Macbook when I can put down $800-$900 on a Macbook Air, and buy better performance and battery life? Sure, the Macbook is thin and light, but isn't the Air already pretty damn thin and light? This question applies to other PC makers. Are other PC makers watching Apple to see if there is that strong a market demand for laptops that have better screen resolution, weigh less, and have slicker design but poorer specs overall? Do these questions make any sense?

Comment: What is this? (Score 1) 46

by puddingebola (#49250571) Attached to: Austin Declared a Drone-Free Zone During SXSW
What is this? A city ordinance? Are we talking about a $500 fine? Could you actually face jail time for flying your drone? The stories I've looked at say yes. But also interesting, Chaotic Moons Studios have loudly protested the ban since the ban has grounded their drone- Drone Tyrone. Apparently it can shoot silly string, spray paint and a 3 foot flame. Also, Bryce Bencivengo, Austin’s senior public information officer, has said some exceptions will be made for some drones, those that have made previous arrangements with SXSW. Wonder who you have to bribe?

Comment: Re:a "COUNTRY that absolutely loves to censor stuf (Score 1) 91

by puddingebola (#49233433) Attached to: Turkish Ministry Recommends Banning Minecraft -- Over Violence
Looking outside the official explanation, governments are concerned about the use of social gaming as a communications conduit. I believe there have been stories on Slashdot about this. If email is known to be under high surveillance, then the terrorists will seek to communicate in code via Xbox live or Steam.

+ - Rust Never Sleeps->

Submitted by puddingebola
puddingebola (2036796) writes "Interesting book review in the New York Times yesterday for Jonathan Waldman's Rust: The longest War. How much have you really considered the engineers, chemists, physicists and bureaucrats engaged in a war to stop the natural forces of oxidation. Rust, the book says, costs the United States $437 billion annually, more "than all other natural disasters combined." Technologies used to combat rust include the one micron thick polymer in your can of Coke, to the invention of stainless steel. Would Slashdot readers find a nontechnical book on the subject of entropy... entertaining?"
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Comment: Edible Phones (Score 4, Funny) 340

This story points to the clear need for edible phones. Imagine that as you are landing in some country with a lack of respect for civil liberties, you receive a text message warning you that your phone is about to be confiscated. What if you could simply eat your phone? Wouldn't that be ideal. Edible phones could be the next growth market for the tech industry. Message me for details on how to invest.

+ - Resistant Bacterial Infection outbreak at California Hospital->

Submitted by puddingebola
puddingebola (2036796) writes "From the article, " A potentially deadly "superbug" resistant to antibiotics has infected seven patients, including two who died, and more than 160 others were exposed at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center through contaminated medical instruments, the hospital revealed. The drug-resistant superbug known as CRE was likely transmitted to the Los Angeles patients by contaminated medical scopes during endoscopic procedures that took place between October 2014 and January 2015, a university statement said. " UCLA says the infections occurred via contaminated endoscopes that were sterilized according to the manufacturer's specifications."
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+ - Single-Photon Quantum Computer Chips Are Scaling Up->

Submitted by puddingebola
puddingebola (2036796) writes "From the article, "A team of MIT engineers has developed a technique for creating integrated chip-mounted arrays of light detectors with single-photon sensitivity. Moreover, these sensors can be mounted on regular old silicon computer chips using regular old manufacturing processes, opening yet another door in the long hallway toward practical quantum computing.""
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+ - Samsung Launches Tizen Phone in India->

Submitted by puddingebola
puddingebola (2036796) writes "From the article, "Samsung has launched its first smartphone running the company's own Tizen operating system, in a move away from Google's Android. The 4-inch Samsung Z1 is now available to buy in India for 5,700 rupees (£60), and has been "designed to meet the entertainment-focused needs of Indian consumers" via a faster boot time and faster web page loading times, the company said. ""
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Comment: I'm old (Score 1) 400

by puddingebola (#48716535) Attached to: Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low
I must be the only person here who still enjoys going to the theater. There's still something enjoyable about watching a movie with a larger audience in a dark room. I was thinking about this the other night when I went and saw the Theory of Everything. I'd say the theater improved my experience of the movie. However, given technological advancements and your home theater system with 7.1 sound, I guess theaters will go the way of the dodo as well. Maybe the downturn is just due to economic forces?

Comment: Deja Vu (Score 5, Insightful) 139

by puddingebola (#48704171) Attached to: Doppler Radar Used By Police To Determine Home Occupancy
These issues came up 13 years ago in Kyllo v. United States . In that case, use of FLIR to read heat signatures inside a home were deemed to be a search under the 4th amendment. Why the use of Doppler radar would be any different is beyond me. Perhaps the court needs to expressly rule that the use of technology to gain information about what is going on inside someone's home constitutes a search and requires a warrant. It seems obvious to me that this is a breach of everyone's constitutional rights.

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