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Comment: Deal (Score 2) 61 61

Specifics of the deal said this would make Bing the default search provider for AOL for 10 years instead of Google. Google still has around 64% of the search market, but numbers seem to indicate that Microsoft is gaining ground on them with 20% market share. Rik van der Kooi, vice president of Microsoft’s ad business, said Bing is a self-sustaining business, or "sustainable and standalone."

Comment: Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret (Score 1) 111 111

Bruce Sterling's the Hacker Crackdown seems to indicate or imply that the reason for the Secret Service's raid on your business was that a hacker under investigation was also a fan of your cyberpunk role playing game. The agents involved didn't have a clear understanding of the line between his notes on actual computer hacking and his notes involving the role playing game. You must have been confused when Federal agents knocked on your door and confiscated the computers from your business. How long did it take you to piece together what had happened, and do you feel like you got adequate compensation for your time and trouble?

Comment: First Thinkpad (Score 4, Funny) 215 215

My first Thinkpad was the original Thinkpad 700 with DOS. I used to hit the Thinkpad, throw the Thinkpad against walls, smash the Thinkpad with my fists, and urinate on the Thinkpad. Once, a whale ate my Thinkpad and I pursued it for weeks across the ocean until it defecated the Thinkpad back out. The Thinkpad booted up to prompt on the first try after that. Is there any laptop more celebrated on Slashdot. I think not.

Comment: S word (Score 2) 93 93

Any time companies justify mergers and acquisitions with "synergies" the bullshit detector goes off. Yes, Hot Topic and GameStop are both retail outlets sometimes found in malls. I suppose that they are planning a buy out of the ice rinks, Orange Julius, and those shitty fast-food Chinese places.

Comment: Random Thoughts (Score 4, Informative) 328 328

Currently live about a half mile from the epicenter of some earthquakes where there have never been earthquakes before. Grew up here. Never experienced them before. Have had several 2-3 magnitude tremors now shake my building where I live. Yesterday the Texas Legislature banned bans on fracking. And of course, the city legislatures around here have been legalizing fracking and allowing it for the past several years. I expect to hear bullshit about the frequency of earthquakes justifying them as normal soon. In a few years, I expect to hear bullshit as to why unusual organic compounds are in our ground water. Then more bullshit about why it is in the drinking water.

Comment: Wondering (Score 1) 153 153

Wondering what the biggest problem is with IE? The quirks between different versions of the same browser, the speed? Was it that Microsoft fought the development of open web standards? Or is it just that using IE is slow and sucks? What are the ideological problems with IE, what are the technical problems, in a nutshell? People seem annoyed with the direction of Firefox's development, untrusting of Google's Chrome. What does that leave you? Opera?

+ - China overwhelming sites hosting Censored Content->

puddingebola writes: The New York times reports that China is using a "new weapon" called the "Great Cannon" to overwhelm sites such as GitHub and that host censored websites. The story is based on a report from UC Berkley and the University of Toronto, found here From the story, "China’s new Internet weapon, the report says, is similar to one developed and used by the National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ, a system outlined in classified documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden, the former United States intelligence contractor. "
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