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Comment: Use it. (Score 1) 103 103

Actively use the domain.
Get your email via the domain.
Have a nice web page there like a blog.
Sell something through the domain, web page and blog.
Have ads from Google ads and such on the domain's site.
Trademark the word.
Copyright the logo with the word embedded.
Keep it all active.
None of this needs to be expensive and it shows that you are actively using it. Then if someone sues you for it you can easily defend yourself and sue back for damages.

Comment: Piano Drop (Score 1) 318 318

You are walking along the sidewalk and a piano drops on your head killing you. The dropper of the piano is responsible, not you, not the maker of the piano.

You are walking along the sidewalk and come to a construction zone, step inside ignoring the warnings and fool around. A piano drops on your head and kills you. You are responsible. You were an idiot. You have been eliminated from the race. Game over.

You jump out of a skyscraper and land on your head on a piano. You die. The physics were the same. The fault was yours. You are liable for any damages to the piano, the workers moving the piano, emotional trauma to the innocent bystanders, etc. Game over, again, for you.

Comment: TracFone is Great (Score 1) 85 85

TracFone is great for what it does. It allows us to have a simple emergency phone in our vehicle. Nothing fancy. Cheap fixed cost annual plan. Easy. It cost us about $100/year. The phones are essentially free. ($0 to $19). If the phone gets lost you call up TracFone and they transfer the minutes to another phone. Easy-peasy. We've had ours for about a decade.

Comment: Re:Dumb as a Rock (Score 1) 76 76

Read the article and you'll find all the details.

How big is a house was not the question. The issue at question is smart vs dumb houses, longevity, long term costs, ability of people to build their own. Some people choose to live in very large houses. Some choose small houses. That is an irrelevant variable. The question is can you affordably build a long term house. Most people can if they want. Do they need the Smart House fancy technology? No. That drives up the cost and isn't going to be supported long term - that was the concern of the original article.

Dumb Rock is my choice.
How big you build it is your choice.

You're at Witt's End.