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Comment Flash is soooo bad... (Score 5, Interesting) 79

Flash is so bad that I run with it turned off by default. Anyone trying to Flash me must get my attention with the little FLASHED BLOCKED grey area which I then decide if it is worth it to trust them. Almost never.

What Google is doing is a good thing.

First they're demoting Flash and by inference saying it like GMOs is just plain bad.

Second they can use known bad sources, patterns and crowd voting to find the offenders and just kill their content.

Flash ads are awful. Perhaps this sort of vote against Flash will help kill Flash advertising while still allowing it for some useful content.

Comment Spacious (Score 2) 76

A journey outside the dome - which measures only 11 metres in diameter and is 6 metres tall - will require a spacesuit."

Sounds like winter in Vermont.

That sq-meterage of habitat is spacious at about 1,000 sq-ft for reference to a typical home.

Our house is 252 sq-ft for five people for a comparable. Smaller than usual but it gets us through the long Martin, er, I mean Vermont winters.

We spend much of each day in extravehicular activities in our space suites. We farm right through the cold northern mountain Vermont winters which would be much like them leaving their habitat and doing their daily work out on "Simulated Mars". Believe me, here on Vermont you dress up much like a space suit and you do not touch things with bare skin as the temperatures are routinely -25ÂF (-32ÂC) during the day and frequently dip to -40ÂF (-40ÂC)and that is all before the wind chill which drops it to -95ÂF (-71ÂC).

Simulating Mars might be more realistic on a Vermont mountain in some ways than in Hawaii although Hawaii might be more fun. South Pole could be good. Doing it while farming would make it even more realistic because you must go out and deal with the cold, the wind, the hostile environment and get real work done rather than just busy work in a simulation. You can die. Those who are dependent on you can die. Equipment really breaks down from the extreme weather. Bring two Tractors.

Onward to Mars! Pig Farmers in Space!

Comment Re:Exaggeration is not Necessary (Score 1) 382

You miss the point. They're exaggerating. No need. Simply say 200 meter sea level rise. Don't say unlimited. Sticking with facts is better than exaggerating. Exaggeration comes back to haunt you because you end up losing credibility. People think, "ah, Roger exaggerated about A so he's probably exaggerating about B now too..."

Comment Non-lethal?! (Score 3, Interesting) 180

Tasers are lethal. There are many cases of police killing citizens using tasers. We have had two in our area and in both cases the police should not have been shooting anything. They justify the tasering by saying they think it is non-lethal but people are getting killed. They justify the tasering by saying they felt threatened but an officer with a drone is threatened in no way what so ever.

It is very bad to be giving police drones.

It is very bad to be giving police 'non-lethal' weapons that they're then killing people with because of the perceived non-lethality.

Worst is to combine the two.

Comment Not Extinct... (Score 2) 319

Yet, horses didn't become extinct. Not in the slightest. We still have _LOTS_ of horses around here. Some farms still use them for horsepower - it's a personal preference. Many people use them for pleasure. They're better off than they were before - more pampered. Soon you like the horse will be just a pleasure item for your robot overlords and happier for that.

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money. -- Kim Hubbard