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Comment Bunk (Score 2) 220

Bunk. BS.

1) She has a vested interest in presenting that her systems are secure.

2) She offers a weak link in the data chain. Every time any link is added the system gets LESS secure. Adding a weak link further weakens the system.

Only non-secure data gets stored on the cloud. Remember, it's like a postcard.

I'll provide my own security.

Comment Re:Your analogies are false. (Score 1) 674

Not every one participates in the economy.

If you live in an urban area look to the homeless - some of them may choose to not participate. They scavenge. You personally may not like that lifestyle but some people choose it.

If you live in a rural area it is far easier to live without participating in the money economy and many people do so.

Comment Your analogies are false. (Score 1) 674

Under capitalism people are not wage slaves. They can choose to work for someone else or they can choose to work for themselves or they can choose to live on no money. There are people who do each of these things. Your analogy is completely false.

I'm not arguing against a basic income at all. It's a great idea. But don't think wrong.

Comment Consulting (Score 1) 177

This isn't really all that new. Back in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's I did "Consulting". Back then it meant something different than how I see people use the word now. What I did was come in to a company, solve a problem for them such as organizing something, writing a custom application, training them, setting up systems. I was a contract employee in effect except I wasn't an employee, there were no benefits and I didn't expect any. I worked for myself. I got the job done. I billed. I got paid. Worked fine.

Comment The critical 10% (Score 1) 169

"There's simply very little reason to spend more when you can get 90 percent of the functionality for a fraction of the price"

Sometimes that last 10% of functionality is absolutely critical.

A window without glazing is just a hole in the wall.

A car without wheels is just a bench that makes noise.

A horse without legs doesn't go anywhere.

A tablet without the apps you need is just a toy.

Comment Re:I found another unicorn! (Score 2) 317

The problem is it will turn out to be bad for you. Factory produced problems.

Me, I'll stick with pasture raised, naturally grown meats. They are a nicely integrated part of our vegetable and fruit farming too. It's a system that works. Permaculture.

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