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Comment: Bogus and Sexist Programs (Score 4, Insightful) 236

These "Girls Only" programs are bogus and sexist. If they did it "Boys Only" there would be cries of discrimination and lawsuits. It is illegal to do sexual discrimination yet our government does it over and over "Girls Only." Time to cut the crap.

Comment: Re:Not a problem (Score 1) 110

by pubwvj (#48673375) Attached to: Scientists Say the Future Looks Bleak For Our Bones

"The strongest body-builder is not close to our ancestors, or to chimps, in strength."

While you have some good points the above is false. The strongest humans are stronger than the strongest chimps and stronger than our strongest ancestors on record. With a population of over 7 billion individuals to pick from and extreme training we have now produced some extraordinary physical specimens.

What chimps have is greater muscle density. If they were as large as our largest lifters and got the same training then they would probably be stronger. But they're not.

Comment: Study Written by a non-farmer (Score 2) 110

by pubwvj (#48671965) Attached to: Scientists Say the Future Looks Bleak For Our Bones

Clearly this study was written by someone who doesn't actually do agriculture in traditional ways as it has been done for the past tens of thousands of years. Farming, be it planting or herding, is not a cushy job. It's hard, vigorous work. I farm. I have dense bones as shown by X-rays I've had. I've also broken a lot of bones. Farming is hard, vigorous work and sometimes we break bones, just like we did doing hunting and gathering too. And what may be really surprising to those sitting in the ivory towers is we don't need to go see a doctor for a mere broken bone. It heals. Old skeletons show this, not just human or even primate but even T-Rex.

Comment: Writing to ROM? Wrong. (Score 1, Redundant) 163

by pubwvj (#48662627) Attached to: Thunderbolt Rootkit Vector

"installs malicious code in a MacBook's boot ROM (read-only memory)"

Nope. It may write to EPROM or something like that but by definition it can not write to ROM. ROM means Read Only Memory and as such there is no writing to it. EPROM or some other flavor of Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory is what it would have to be working with. Too bad writers can't read. Not even their own sentences. Or perhaps they can't comprehend. IM (Incomprehensible Memory) in the case of the OP.

Comment: Re:Who wants to live forever? (Score 1) 439

by pubwvj (#48656465) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

The problem I see you having is not with living for ever but with becoming decrepit. Increasing age and decreasing health and ability are not intimately linked. Some people deteriorate at relatively young ages, like yourself, but others are healthy and vibrant into their 80's, 90's and even 100's. If you weren't feeling like you were slowing down you might feel like living longer.

Personally, I have a lot of things that I still want to accomplish so I'm willing to give immortality a try. At the end, perhaps we can compare notes if you believe in the afterlife...

Comment: Re:In the US they picked the wrong chimp (Score 2) 185

by pubwvj (#48655417) Attached to: Argentine Court Rules Orangutan Is a "Non-Human Person"

"The average chimp doesn't communicate much better than other ordinary animals, like dogs"

While a lot of research was done with chips and apes on communication what is not widely known by your average Joe is that many other species also communicate quite well too. We have a large multi-generational pack of livestock working dogs on our farm. They have their own language, they use some English words, since we speak English, and they use quite a few sign language words with us as well. We understand some of their language as well as the signs and English they use with us. They also use some of the English and signs with each other an they teach these words and signs to their offspring passing it on generation to generation. They have names for each other and for us. That is communications, intelligence and smarts. They can also do some basic math such as counting, adding, subtracting, more, less, equals, etc and have long memories.

Comment: He's Creating What He Despises. (Score 1) 58

by pubwvj (#48648839) Attached to: 26 Foot Long Boat 3D Printed In 100,000 Different Pieces

So he used plastics and high tech to create more global warming problems to demonstrate his opposition to man's developments and climate change.

Interesting rationalization. I would have a lot more respect for him if he threw away all his worldly belongings and went and sat in the forest for a year eating nothing.

Comment: Re:Great idea but let's make it more efficient (Score 1) 200

by pubwvj (#48630557) Attached to: NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration

I guess you missed the part about if there was no return flight they could take along a lot more which would allow for a far larger airship. 100m is big. Make it bigger. The return equipment allowance would let it be 1,000m or more.

People like you are an example of lack of vision. Sad.

It's also sad that you feel so threatened that you resort to name calling. That's childish.

Comment: Re:Why Steam? Why? (Score 0) 159

by pubwvj (#48625831) Attached to: To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

So what I hear you proposing is that the price in the USA should be 10x higher to subsidize Russian gamers. Sorry but no, Communism was done away with a long time ago. This is absurdity.

Simple solution: Don't buy Steam games. Easy peasy and they lose out all over the place. Any vendor who tries this junk should go down in flames.

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