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Comment K.I.S.S. (Score 1) 432

Throw another log on the fire. I like to keep it simple. We grow our own fuel, dead trees, and built a high thermal mass wood stove. Uses less than a cord of wood a year for all our heating. Feed it in the morning and it's golden. Our house is high thermal mass and well insulated with some passive solar gain so even without heat it never freezes even in our cold northern climate. Build appropriately. Design simple systems. Dumb works.

Comment Re:social safety nets WORK, vs cowboy attitudes (Score 2) 519

It constantly amazes that idiots like you think America (a.k.a. the USA) is homogenous in anything including it's thinking. We're a melting pot with a lot more variety than almost any country, perhaps any country, because the USA was settled by and built by immigrants from around the world. There is no "American Mentality".

Comment Unclear on the Concept (Score 1) 358

"While the Philips Hue system is based on open technologies we are not able to ensure all products from other brands are tested and fully interoperable with all of our software updates."

Philips will make damn sure that other products won't work.

Apparently Philips is unclear about the concept of open tech.

Don't buy from Philips. They've warned you they'll screw you in the socket.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 0) 174

"Contrary to what Zuckerberg claims, the creation of his LLC means he will probably pay no taxes on his $45 Billion."

Good for him. The government has already taxed him billions of dollars on the money he has earned. If he can keep it out of the government's hands and direct it to where he things it will have the most effect then more power to him. That's his right. It's his money.

You and people like you are just jealous. Grow up, earn your own billions and do what you want with them.

Comment Re:Noise pollution (Score 1) 277

"You won't hear these at all. The noise is mostly high frequency and attenuates quickly."

Except some of us, like myself, have very good high frequency hearing and do hear these. They're too loud.

Perhaps part of the problem is that people like you don't know what quiet is really like out in the sticks. You've become so inured to noise in your urban environments that a little more doesn't bother you.

Or you have become deafened by all the noise pollution around you.

Or both.

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