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Comment: Re:Multiple domestications (Score 1) 162

by pubwvj (#49494045) Attached to: Scientists Close To Solving the Mystery of Where Dogs Came From

Yes, I did read the article and still see strong evidence and logic for the multiple domestication. For example, some strong domestication results are within the 15K BP timeframe but people also took domestic dogs with them to Australia which is much greater than that frame. It's complex. I doubt this will solve it.

Comment: Multiple domestications (Score 4, Interesting) 162

by pubwvj (#49493147) Attached to: Scientists Close To Solving the Mystery of Where Dogs Came From

There is a huge amount of evidence that domestication did not happen once or in one place but many times in many places around the world. This evidence points back as far as about 135,000 years and as close as about 15,000 years for each of these events in time where wolves domesticated humans. It is speculated that wolves did this for two reasons: fire and thumbs for scratching.

It is not surprising that there would be multiple domestications. A human plus a wolf are far more powerful at defense and offense, at hunting and guarding than either species alone. Our social structures are very parallel and our physical abilities complement each other.

Comment: Re:The problem is SUPPLY CHAIN!!! (Score 1) 362

by pubwvj (#49471047) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

Yes, you are correct the supply chain web is very complex, however things can be far simpler with ease. Your example of fertilizer is a prime case. We can produce fertilizer locally to produce food locally to feed local populations. The long distance transport of any of those things is unnecessary. Simply making things local solves a _lot_ of these problems and eliminates a lot of the packaging, energy and other issues in the supply chain. Things can be done more simply. It just happens that we have cheap oil to do it in a complex way so society does it in a complex way right now.

Comment: Spike it (Score 1) 443

Make a spike out of Sch80 PVC
Please trickle in lead low voltage wires for aux power
Batter in bottom
Solar on top to charge it
Airport WiFi for access with Time Capsule or the like
Big enough hard drive to hold everything you'll want.
Do it in RAID-wise with two drives incase one fails.
Use low energy drives so minimal heat.
Seal it all up so moisture stays out.
Bury it under ground with antenna out and cell.
Paranoid? Setup a second remote one.

Comment: Re:School is Year Round and Life Long (Score 1) 81

by pubwvj (#49413823) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What Will You (Or Your Kids) Learn This Summer?

You miss the point. Our family owns, builds, operates and creates it. Same as we did for our house which we also built ourselves, our greenhouse that we also built for ourselves. While you wasted your time in school doing fake things we do real applications and get real benefits. It's a real world out there, kiddo.

Comment: School is Year Round and Life Long (Score 3, Interesting) 81

by pubwvj (#49411395) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What Will You (Or Your Kids) Learn This Summer?

School is never out. We homeschool. We're always learning. It's not classroom sit down book learning much of the time but real world things to a large degree. Projects are multi-discipline.

The latest project our family is almost finished with:
Building a USDA / State inspected modern meat processing facility (a.k.a. butcher shop)

History, government, regulations, economics, business, math, engineering, material sciences, architecture, construction, plumbing, electrical, water supply systems, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, meat cutting and so much more...

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