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Comment: Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator (Score 2) 275

by pubwvj (#46780243) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

I would love to see an alternative to Adobe for Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator. I have used Photoshop and Illustrator (licensed owner) since versions 1.0 and now have CS4. I don't want Adobe's Cloud version. I don't want to deal with the cloud or subscription based software. CS6 won't save files in CS4 format so I don't want it for that reason too. Just as we have OpenOffice it would be nice to have OpenCS.

Comment: Re:Don't be an Employee (Score 1) 108

by pubwvj (#46774637) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

Ha! Working for someone else is far more of a risky gamble than working for myself. As an employee you have to satisfy your boss and the clients. As my own boss I only have to satisfy my clients.

Odds of success:
Boss% x Client% Client%

You have a much higher risk as an employee.
I'm taking less of a gamble as an independent.
Pretty simple math.

Comment: We' never see tax code simplification (Score 1) 416

by pubwvj (#46760597) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

This is why I don't think we'll ever see tax code simplification: there are too many people making too much money with the exiting overly complex system. They have a lot of money and they want our money so they will spend gobs of greenbacks to prevent any simplification of the tax code.

Greed rules.

Comment: iFarm (Score 1) 731

by pubwvj (#46742507) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

I farm. I use some technology but everything I do I can do without any of the modern tech falling back gracefully to older and older ways. My kids farm with us and they understand these things and the need.

Civilizations rise and fall. There will be another fall. Another dark age. Maybe this decade, this century, this millennia. *shrug* I enjoy technology but I don't let myself be dependent on it. If there is a fall, my pastured pigs will be worth more than gold and bitcoins will be useless.

Comment: So much opportunity - Not a Big Deal on the Proble (Score 1) 128

by pubwvj (#46666447) Attached to: Nest Halts Sales of Smart Fire Alarm After Discovering Dangerous Flaw

Nest sounds cool. I like the remote off, with no remote device. Could be voice activated instead and that might solve the problem.

This has the potential for a lot of very interesting things. It is a platform for sensors.
Air Pressure
Motion Sensor (earthquake)
WiFi extender ...

Put one outside too. Network and log the data.

Then for people who want to participate, send the data to the weather bureau folks for collecting some seriously large aggregates of data on the environment.

Also useful for businesses. e.g., monitoring processing work rooms, refrigerators and freezers.

There is so much potential here. And if they are manufactured in sufficient quantity it will drive the unit cost down which will lower the price which will increase market penetration so we have nests in everyone's nests.

Right now I have too many different devices all serving these functions. I would rather have several nests around. Then, sure, one will fail but I'll just move a less vital one to it's location while I get a replacement (2 days on Amazon Prime). Hmm... Stick them to the ceiling or wall plate with a magnet. I use magnets for things like this all over the place - works great.

Comment: Compatibility at Issue (Score 1) 180

by pubwvj (#46649163) Attached to: Amazon Launches Android-Powered 'Fire TV' For Streaming and Gaming

The winning device will be agnostic, supporting all content:

AmazonTV misses out by not supporting all content paths. e.g., iTunesStore
AppleTV misses out by not supporting all content paths. e.g., AmazonPrime

Both need to be supporting disks at the very least with an optional plugin drive that they sit on to look like one nice neat device for those billions of existing DVD and Blueray disks.

My Vote: no buy yet.

Comment: Re:Key Feature... (Score 2) 176

by pubwvj (#46632599) Attached to: The Connected Home's Battle of the Bulbs

There is another solution. We don't worry about it. In the morning everyone gets up early. If you stayed up late reading or something you still get up early in the morning for chores and breakfast. We also have rules of respect. Being quiet in the evening is one of those rules because other people are sleeping so they can get up in the morning to work. If kids are raised this way it rather solves the issue.

Back to the smart bulbs - too much technology. Wasteful. Expensive.

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