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Comment Focus on his current skills (Score 3, Insightful) 87

He seems to have accounting skills and a business plan to develop. Focus on those skills -- leave development decisions to the developers.

Take time to create some wire frame (pen on paper) mockups of workflows and business rules. Find similar layouts and "look & feel" from existing sites that he can give as examples to the dev team.

If he's worried the developers won't understand his requirements and he's wasting money, hire you (the friend) to interface with them. Build mock-ups as iteratively as possible without connecting any back-end logic so he is "comfortable" with the UX before spending time on the back-end.

If he already had web skills, he'd just implement the idea himself; hiring others is when you know you cannot do everything yourself. Hire fewer, but better, people. Good luck.

Comment Vote results (Score 4, Insightful) 367

Regardless of poll placement, upon the Vote action, I'd like to see the full outcome, not just X% that shared my vote.

The doughnut chart is pretty, but please show all poll options on the chart. I might still click in to read the comments, but want the quick results view wherever the poll may be.

Comment Jobs (Score 2) 16

What's funny to me is, I liked the "Dice Jobs in your area" side-bar (before it was recently removed).

It's interesting to see what jobs are available in my area, without hunting for them, especially if I'm not actively searching for a job. The original idea of Dice/DHI buying Slashdot Media seemed logical to me: lets connect all these tech folk with competing employers; a win for everyone.

Unfortunately StackOverflow does their job matching MUCH better, mostly due to the nature of measuring skilled volunteers with quantified "karma" in select knowledge domains. I don't see how DHI can compete with LinkedIn (their scale) nor StackOverflow (their data). If I was hiring a DBA, I would totally go to SO where my pool of applicants are already vetted based on their posts.

Also unfortunately GitHub does code hosting MUCH better than SourceForge, mostly due to SF not improving anything for the last 10 years. (And no one likes bundling anything in their downloads, so hopefully the new owner will end that horrible practice, or just shut down.)

Long time reader of /. and I still love the content. Hopefully it lives on!

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