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Comment: Free account with D-Link routers (Score 1) 242

by psychonaut (#46684263) Attached to: Ends Free Dynamic DNS
Routers manufactured by D-Link come with their own free dynamic DNS service, which is basically farmed out to I don't see any mention on the or D-Link websites that they're discontinuing this service, so presumably if you've got a D-Link router you can still create a free account with it.

Comment: Re:Welcom to the group - China, North korea and Ir (Score 1) 94

by psychonaut (#46565205) Attached to: Turkish Finance Minister Defends Twitter Ban
Did you read your own citation? It says that it's South Korea which is censoring Twitter because North Korea is using it to publish propaganda. (I don't doubt that North Korea also restricts access to Twitter, but your claim that it's completely banned there is rather blatantly contradicted by your source.)

Comment: Re:Reassembling the Soviet Union (Score 2) 309

by psychonaut (#46481129) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics
You could say the same thing about the United States of America, whose formation in 1776 was a treasonous act against the Kingdom of Great Britain. In both cases it makes little practical sense to consider all their respective laws and treaties void, and as a matter of law they are not (at least insofar as Russia and the USA are concerned).

Comment: Re:Reassembling the Soviet Union (Score 1) 309

by psychonaut (#46481061) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics
But there was no revolution, and the only coup was a short-lived one which actually tried to restore the ancien regime. The Soviet Union was dismantled largely peacefully and within the existing political framework, via legislation and referenda. Furthermore there was a continuity of leadership in most republics -- those at the upper echelons of society remained very much in power, except that post-USSR they were fabulously rich as well, having dispensed with the pretense of economic equality and helped themselves to personal ownership of formerly state-run enterprises.

Comment: Re:Too late, switched to Chrome (Score 2) 167

by psychonaut (#46160227) Attached to: Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements

What we really need is "Firefox Classic": a maintainable fork that takes the Firefox code base and strips it down to the essentials, without social networking add-ons or any of that garbage. Sort of like how Firefox itself originally forked off of the Mozilla Application Suite, come to think of it.

What's wrong with just using the Mozilla Application Suite? It got renamed to SeaMonkey a long time ago and development has continued ever since. It's got a mail and news client in addition to the browser, but apart from that there's no bloat or garbage. If, like me, you don't want to use the mail and news client, just don't open that window, and you'll never even know it's there.

+ - LG TVs phone home with your viewing habits

Submitted by psychonaut
psychonaut (65759) writes "Blogger DoctorBeet discovered that his new LG television was surreptitiously sending information about his TV viewing habits, as well as the names of the files he watched on removable media, to LG's servers. There is an undocumented setting in the TV configuration which supposedly disables this behaviour, but an inspection of the network traffic between the TV and the Internet showed that the TV continues to send the data whether or not the setting is disabled.

DoctorBeet contacted LG, but they shrugged the matter off, saying that it's a matter between him and the retailer he bought the TV from."

Comment: Please Don't Send Me Microsoft Word Documents (Score 1) 479

by psychonaut (#45113015) Attached to: Charlie Stross: Why Microsoft Word Must Die
His criticisms of Microsoft's deliberate lack of interoperability, ever-changing file-format, and attempts to establish market dominance by force aren't new, but of course it's always good to hear them publicized and repeated. About ten years ago I wrote a similar article, Please Don't Send Me Microsoft Word Documents, which includes links to even earlier essays by others.

Comment: Re:From the for what it's worth department... (Score 3, Interesting) 176

by psychonaut (#44140569) Attached to: Yahoo Puts AltaVista To Death
Google never dropped the ability to force inclusion of specific search terms; they just changed the syntax without telling anyone. Before you had to prepend a + to any term you wanted to include in the results. Now you instead need to surround the term with quotation marks.

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