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User Journal

Journal: Gotta love my job! 2

Journal by psycho chic
Its bad enough when I'm running late in the morning....its worse when something happens to make me run even later. And its even worse when that something happens to be really gross.

Just before work ended at 11am, one of my residents just HAD to poop....ALL THE WAY UP THE BACK OF HER WHEELCHAIR!

yes, my day was lovely. i'm back for more this evening.

User Journal

Journal: sleep is a lost cause

Journal by psycho chic
who sleeps anymore? i wish i could. since about 1pm yesterday, i have slept a total of 1 hour. my memory is severely lacking, my vision is blurry, and my fine motor skills are poor. on the other hand, my workplace finally got approved for paid personal days off. as of april first, i plan on using my time ASAP so i can calm down and destress. and why the hell shouldnt i? i get PAID FOR IT!
User Journal

Journal: I CANT SLEEP 2

Journal by psycho chic

geeze, i hate this. i lost my magic sleep aide, and now its 2am and here i sit on /., home of the geek squad.

unfortunatly, this site is addicting (stupid saskboy), and i lack the brain power to stay, and the willpower to leave.

i better never lose my toy again.

Bozo #1 is attempting to talk me into callin my bf for some assistance in the area. something about "he's asleep and would KILL me for waking him up for THIS" isnt getting through. Gotta love people dont ya?

*waits for an obviously sexual post to get her in trouble*

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.