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Comment Maybe ask "in what year" (Score 1) 330

Due to the variety of ages on Slashdot, of course 22+ is going to be the primary answer. If they asked "in what year did you first get a cell phone?" that would be a more interesting result set. For me it was late 2004, junior year in college. Not quite the last of all my friends to get one, but just almost. The only other guy who didn't still lived at home, so... yeah.

Comment According to the ladwp website (Score 1) 498

Natural Gas - 26%
Large Hydroelectric - 7%
Renewables* - 14%
Nuclear - 9%
Coal - 44%

*Renewable energy sources include biomass and waste, small hydroelectric, wind, solar, and geothermal. So, I guess I'd need an "all of the above" option. This is the first slashpoll where I've actually learned something interesting as a direct result!

Comment Re:Kudos (Score 1) 696

...because most of them pay no taxes

This is the thing that I hear from (mostly) the Right which pisses me off the most. The argument boils down to: Poor/immigrants/liberals/etc. aren't participating in society and freeloading because they "don't pay taxes". This is pure bullshit.

What they really mean is, they don't have INCOME tax liability. Even if I didn't have any (which I do), I am still paying social security, medicare/caid, sales tax, gas tax, car registration, and (by virtue of being employed) payroll and corporate taxes. Just because people don't make enough to be taxed on income, people act like they don't pay taxes at all. Also, I am right in the middle of the Daily Show and Colbert's audience (26 and liberal) and I pay taxes; including income tax. Please find some other bullshit reason to completely ignore my opinion.


Database Error Costs Social Security Victims $500M 299

Hugh Pickens writes "The Washington Posts reports that the Social Security Administration has agreed to pay more than $500 million in back benefits to more than 80,000 recipients whose benefits were unfairly denied after they were flagged by a federal computer program designed to catch serious criminals. At issue is a 1996 law, which contained language later nicknamed the 'fleeing felon' provision, that said fugitives were ineligible to receive federal benefits. As part of its enforcement, the administration began searching computer databases to weed out people who were collecting benefits and had outstanding warrants. The searches captured dozens of criminals, including some wanted for homicide, but they also ensnared countless elderly and disabled people accused of relatively minor offenses such as shoplifting or writing bad checks and in some cases, the victims simply shared a name and a birth date with an offender." (Read more, below.)

Comment Re:Legend of the Seeker (Score 1) 298

Raimi also produces the Legend of the Seeker tv series. Make of THAT what you will!

Two things:

1. 'Produces' (actually, co-produces) != has a strong hand in the art direction, storyline, acting, etc. thereof
2. I actually like this show. It's reminiscent of the old Hercules and Xena shows, though not quite as quirky. For a TV fantasy show it has a few things going for it: very accessible plot, attractive females, and respectable fight choreography to name a few.


Hackers Find Remote iPhone Crack 114

Al writes "Two researchers have found a way to run unauthorized code on an iPhone remotely. This is different than 'jailbreaking,' which requires physical access to the device. Normally applications have to be signed cryptographically by Apple in order to run. But Charles Miller of Independent Security Evaluators and Vincenzo Iozzo from the University of Milan found more than one instance in which Apple failed to prevent unauthorized data from executing. This means that a program can be loaded into memory as a non-executable block of data, after which the attacker can essentially flip a programmatic switch and make the data executable. The trick is significant, say Miller and Iozzo, because it provides a way to do something on a device after making use of a remote exploit. Details will be presented next month at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas." The attack was developed on version 2.0 of the iPhone software, and the researchers don't know if it will work when 3.0 is released.

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