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+ - IRC redone-> 1

Submitted by flok
flok (24996) writes "IRC is old. IRC is of the dark ages of the internet. One would think that everything has been implemented and invented in the client software of it. Well, no. f-irc, a relatively unknown IRC client with a "different" user interface introduces a new concept: the marker line. No more "now where did I leave off when I changed channel", the markerline will tell you where you were! Rumor has it the idea was stolen from multitail."
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+ - Quakelive ends Linux/Mac version

Submitted by psy0rz
psy0rz (666238) writes "It seems the support for Linux and Mac has ended, with the release of the standalone Quakelive client:

"We will be unable to support Mac and Linux clients with this transition. While we have reports from our testers that the game works through emulation or virtualization software, we are unable to support native Mac and Linux versions. If you’re using Mac and Linux and have a paid subscription, you will only be able to access the game using emulation or virtualization software."

It was one of the early games that had native linux support, so its rather sad to see ID software move in this direction. It seems other game manufacturers like Steam are moving towards Linux instead of away from it."

Comment: Re:He is not entering Russia. (Score 5, Informative) 536

by psy0rz (#44088483) Attached to: Edward Snowden Leaves Hong Kong
Today i watched rt.com (russian television) and cnn.com for hours: rt.com was constantly reporting about the NSA spying, showing interviews with assange and CEO's of crypto companies, and showing interviews with other ex-NSA employers like Benning. (who was almost laughing hysterically about how absurt the whole situation in the US was) The focus was on both snowden and the spying the US government does. They even claim that the intelligence agencies are working together with the US news media to suppress the story.

On CNN on the other hand I only hear short stories about snowden and wether or not he can be extradited. There was ZERO information about the real issue: the government collecting all the data of all the US citicens all the time.

So this time rt.com seems to be the more complete source of information and CNN seems to be biased or at least not giving a full report and critical report. However i'm sure those roles are reversed when there is some big scandal in russia.

Comment: strange coincidence? (Score 1) 302

by psy0rz (#43729819) Attached to: DHS Shuts Down Dwolla Payments To and From Mt. Gox
Is it a strange coincidence that this news comes out around the time of the next fork? http://mineforeman.com/2013/05/13/last-forking-warning/ Is there some evil government conspiracy going on to bring bitcoin down, or is it perhaps some kind of "crash and cash" scheme, or can i leave my tinfoil hat at home?

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