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Comment: Re:Lack of games... (Score 1) 403 403

This is why we haven't migrated and sold the Wii. Now, because of this hostility, my daughter and I have a half-finished game of Lego LOTR that we probably will never finish, because it's just not convenient to go to the other TV (my wife's TV in the bedroom) nor is it convenient to put 2 Wiis on the same TV, nor is it convenient to migrate (not to mention how long starting Wii mode takes), nor start the game over, since we were halfway through already.

Pop an SD card into the old Wii and copy the save game over. Fire up Wii Mode on the WiiU and copy the save from the SD card to the WiiU's internal memory.

Bingo. Access to your save game without the transfer nonsense. At least it worked for Lego Harry Potter. I think the data transfer may only apply to downloaded games, but I've not tested anything that was on the old console.

Memory fault - where am I?