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Comment: Re:Boeing Engineers... (Score 1) 200

Still, there's that one in a million shot that there is an exploitable flaw.

Of course, it's certainly much better odds than that if you're running a network simulation and have several ?'s on the topo for things running proprietary protocols you likely know not much about.

Is there a logical separation at the switch? Sounds likely. What about the switch, does it have an admin login/password? If that switch is crackable, then the logical separation of the network is hosed.

There's still the matter of crafting those packets so they are heard, and while I have little idea how to do it, it's not something that can't be done.

I don't think whatever hack Roberts came up with work work in the wild. In a simulation it works great because it's a damn simulation*.

Comment: Re: Sudafed (Score 2) 333

by pspahn (#49721865) Attached to: Genetically Engineered Yeast Makes It Possible To Brew Morphine

I'd be curious, then, to know your explanation why the US hops farmers all got screwed when AB and InBev consolidated? AB had been propping up the farmers by purchasing hops even when they didn't need them and stockpiling the reserves. InBev came in and saw a chance to save a bunch of money by using the stockpile, causing farmers to go out of business.

Comment: I guess it's a "chain" (Score 1) 278

by pspahn (#49702559) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's On Your Keychain?

I have one circle key ring that is bent and works poorly. It's attached to some liquor store quality carabiner where the latch just kinda flops because the spring is also bent and working poorly.

Attached to the ring is a house key and a key for a Land Cruiser that is not running. Actually, it's at the shop, so the key isn't there right now.

Attached to the rest of it is a self-made Gorilla tape thing that holds my key for my bike lock. That key's little lanyard was broken long ago leaving it not attachable to a key ring.

The whole thing has lasted quite some time, but it clearly showing age. The interesting thing is that most reliable component of the whole arrangement is the fucking Gorilla tape. That shit is barely even fraying at the edges.

Makes ya wonder what the point of the "chain" is.

Comment: Re:Since last move (Score 3, Interesting) 125

by pspahn (#49611915) Attached to: I've had my current ISP (disregarding mergers) for ...

I have a grandfathered Clear (now Sprint) plan. $55/mo for unlimited data. Speeds used to be in the 10-12 Mbps range, now they are usually in the 3-5 Mbps range.

The device goes with me if I move ... or if I simply want to bring it with me if I go somewhere.

It is the best performing, best priced, and most convenient ISP I have ever used. That said, it's so great it's no wonder it's now grandfathered and you can't start a new plan. The industry simply cannot afford even a single happy customer.

Comment: Re:Why would anyone start there? (Score 3, Insightful) 123

This is an odd statement. You intend to stay in California until the bitter end despite all the awful problems currently happening there. That is an acceptable trade-off for never signing a non-compete?

You fear employers so much that you are unwilling to leave your cozy little nest even though it might be filled with fire ants and is no longer actually cozy.

It's amazing the things one can be blind to if they never step out of their comfort zone.I hope you have fun sitting in traffic on 880 this summer.

Comment: Re:May finally get servers updated... (Score 1) 118

by pspahn (#49495953) Attached to: Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public

There's also little incentive to upgrade ...

Maybe their incentive will be that if they don't upgrade, someone will just crash their server.

I deal with the same thought pattern at work on a daily basis. I develop on a very popular e-commerce platform that is notorious for being difficult to update due to poor compatibility with various customizations done to the application code. Clients come to me with problems their store is facing, and I tell them the fix is to update to a newer version. I then tell them that it may cause problems with all the extensions they've installed and that it takes time to get things all sorted out. This quickly puts them into "not enough incentive" mode.

What that really means is they value running their day-to-day business more than they value the sustainability of their business. They'd rather make $1 a day than save $365 a year.

Comment: Re:Addiction (Score 1) 291

by pspahn (#49453975) Attached to: Cannabis Smoking Makes Students Less Likely To Pass University Courses

that's the addiction talking. Time to stop and check into NA or AA.

Do you genuinely believe it necessary for someone who smokes pot on a regular basis to check into NA?

Many people use cannabis for various reasons. Sure, some people use it to "get stupid" as you so eloquently put it. Some people might use it because they think it's a form of enlightenment. Both of these types of users are the same and don't really represent the majority of users who smoke cannabis simply to make their bodies less uncomfortable. In this regard, its use is therapeutic.

Prohibitionists just want to enforce their theories of "acceptable therapy" on others, mainly because they have been led to believe cannabis is something different than what it really is.

Comment: Re: Easy grammar (Score 1) 626

I remember as a kid, maybe 6 or 7, I had this toy that was one of those flying contraptions where you pulled a string on a handle that spun the flying thing really fast and it flew (mostly) straight up.

On the handle bit where the string was and the flying thing attached to, there was a word and an arrow ... WIND =>

Now, I remember this confusing me for a second, did it mean I should align the arrow with the direction the wind is blowing? Or did it mean that was the direction I should wind up the string so it spins in the right direction?

It took me a second, I was pretty young after all, but I ultimately decided that they meant *both*, even though the latter, I'm sure in hindsight, was the intentional meaning. In this case, basing my definition of WIND on context increased confusion .

Comment: Re:Tabs vs Spaces (Score 1) 428

by pspahn (#49427387) Attached to: Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats

You are simply not getting it. A space is always 1 space, you are correct about this, but why are you using spaces for indentation in the first place? Do you seriously hit space bar 12 or 16 times to indent a few columns? What do you do with deep HTML markup?

Besides, why are you even worried about having to backspace over a "random" number of tabs? Isn't that what Shift+Home is for? Shift+Delete (some editors)?

Are there any keys on your keyboard that you *do* use?

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