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Comment: Re:Trammel killed Ultima Online (Score 1) 75 75

It is very good, however it does lack a few things.

No reason to upgrade power sources as they last forever. Just keep adding more.
No natural disasters, or riots.

But overall, it is very well done.

Had SC5 been good, they would not be enjoying the popularity they currently have.

Comment: Re:700 HP 4-cylinder? (Score 1) 134 134

But didn't you notice?

" powered by a 4-cylinder 700-horsepower bi-fuel internal combustion engine that is capable of using either gasoline or compressed natural gas as fuel."

Runs on natural gas too!

God, I could barely type that through laughing at the thought of huge ass nat-gas tank strapped to the fucking thing. Yeah, that's going to be a huge selling point.

I wanna see this amazing engine. Damned hard to squeeze 700 ponies out of a 4 cylinder mill and make it reliable. High horsepower small displacement engines tend to go to hot rod heaven sooner than their larger cousins.

Maybe they meant NOS instead of natural gas......

Comment: Re:first??? (Score 2) 142 142

"However most of those classic collector's models don't get driven on the road, the majority of the pre-OBDII cars out there actually being driven are almost worthless beaters."

Yeah, there are those two extremes, beaters and garage queens.

There is also a middle ground of pre-OBD II classics that get driven nearly daily in the summer. A trailer queen might be good for bragging rights, but a driven classic, hot rod, custom has a rather nice side effect.

It gets you laid.

Comment: Re:first??? (Score 1) 142 142

Certain models got OBD II as early as 1994, (my 1995 Corvette is one of them)

"1994 vehicles equipped with the early OBD II systems include Buick Regal 3800 V6, Corvette, Lexus ES3000, Toyota Camry (1MZ-FE 3.0L V6) and T100 pickup (3RZ-FE 2.7L four), Ford Thunderbird & Cougar 4.6L V8, and Mustang 3.8L V6. 1995 vehicles with OBDII include Chevy/GMC S, T-Series pickups, Blazer and Jimmy 4.3L V6, Ford Contour & Mercury Mystique 2.0L four & 2.6L V6, Chrysler Neon, Cirrus and Dodge Stratus, Eagle Talon 2.0L DOHC (nonturbo), and Nissan Maxima and 240 SX."

"Not all of these early applications are fully OBDII compliant, but do include the major diagnostic features of the current system."


Comment: Re:Don't buy to use with your PC (Score 1) 99 99

Got mine replaced (it would stick and made characters run around in circles) with just my proof-of-purchase at about 6 months with no problem at all.

I think the requirement for registration is due to no POP for the controller as it was sold with the system, so they require registration to prove you bought it.

If you bought it separately, you have a POP for the controller itself. No problem, unless of course you lose your proof.

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 225 225

We have a winner!

Here in Washington State, we defeated the 'stupid tax' on weed, (the state put a 25% tax on it without voter approval, so we showed them our disapproval at the ballot box. Shockingly, it worked!) it now costs LESS to buy it in a store than on the streets and it is tested for potency along with a nice selection. Not to mention a whole shit ton of new jobs. 6 shops have opened on Division street in the last 4 months.

A friend of mine who used to grow for the black market just got his recreational license because he couldn't give away his last crop.

He gets a little less money than the black market paid, but still enough to be profitable.

The Black market here is dying quickly.

Comment: Re:You know what would REALLY motivate kids? (Score 2) 208 208

Ah, yes. Our own 'socialist,' or kind of anyway. More left leaning than the 'leftist' (read as Reagan era conservative) faction currently in power. I have always thought of Obama as the best Republican President we have had in a while.

Bernie is more of a last century liberal, as am I, so I agree with a lot of (but not all) of his stands. Any real liberal would of been against the Patriot Act, Citizens United, etc, as none of us pot smokin', free lovin' hippie types would of wanted expanded government and police powers. It was DOWN WITH THE MAN! back in the day.

Modern 'liberals' are a travesty of the name. Liberal is to embrace new ideas, not new forms of government intrusion. Since both sides here now embrace larger, more intrusive government (in action that is, words are meaningless without corroborating action) and have made no efforts AT ALL to counter the erosion of rights, we have become a single party nation. The main defining difference being the rights heavy handed social conservatism which is why I rarely vote republican.

West Coast republicans are in general, somewhat less socially conservative, the whole 'left coast' thing. But there is so little difference, evidenced by the fact that nobody talks about anything but their differences on social issues. Gay marriage and abortion are larger issue than governing the country or foreign affairs because the parties differ very little on those latter topics.

As far as independents go, most don't impress me because they tend to be 'single topic' candidates who don't seem to see the whole picture, and yes, I believe the main stream candidates do see the whole picture, and that is why they concentrate on social issues that generate a lot of debate to distract us from the real issues. In my opinion, a narrow focus candidate will just be more ineffective than most.

Bernie is probably the closest we will get to a true liberal. And although I agree philosophically with a lot of his views, I am old and pragmatic enough to know that there needs to be restraint as well. We have always done best on the middle road, but the overall politically conservative swing from the 80's on till now hasn't helped. 'Trickle Down' economics only works if you're on top. If you're on the bottom, it smells of urine.

The fact he calls himself socialist, I find amusing. More of a left-leaning centrist, than a true socialist.
I could get behind that.

Comment: Re:Not only software companies (Score 1) 41 41

"Any exciting new video games lately? Same old shoot-em-up?"

May I suggest Kerbal Space Program,
Yes, it's definitely a 'shoot em up,' but not the same ol' shit. You build and shoot off rockets, spaceplanes etc using actual orbital mechanics.

Extremely hard. Doesn't hold your hand. You will fuck up. Most amazing game I've played. (2 1/2 years)

Just came out of early access.

Comment: Re:The 30 and 40-somethings wrote the code... (Score 2) 553 553

"You had paper?!?"

Papyrus actually, we invented it shortly after the first novel was written, as we couldn't come up with an easy way of copying and transporting a 3,000 'page' clay tablet. (although it was better than the stone we used before, and more permanent than smoke signals...)

Comment: Re:Sort of dumb. (Score 1) 553 553

" Knowing more than you need to know for your job is a great way to get ahead, and get out of that low end job and into something better."

Hmmm. If you're over forty it probably should read:

" Knowing more than you need to know for your job is a great way to get classified overqualified, and get out of that job and into early forced retirement."

Hope you've kept up with your savings.

"Conversion, fastidious Goddess, loves blood better than brick, and feasts most subtly on the human will." -- Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway"