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Comment: Re: Climate change is politics (Score 2) 415

by pslytely psycho (#49273091) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
Yes, you are most certainly correct. I merely addressed the use of the current slang meaning of 1% to be a proper response to an American op-ed piece.

As to the rich causing it, only to the extent of resisting efforts to clean sources of pollution would I lay a heavier burden on 'the rich,' due to their outsized effect on politics and ownership of the sources of (industrial, not individual) pollution.

It took force to remove lead from gasoline, but if you lived near Los Angeles in the 1960's, you know it helped a lot! It was never Beijing, but it was close. And it was opposed heavily at the time.
It took force to clean up industrial smokestacks, which at the time were seen as symbols of prosperity and success, while polluting the landscape.
On an individual basis, we now likely pollute more than our industries, and like our industries, it will take force to change.

And I am as bad as anyone. I extensively recycle, reuse and re-purpose, while viewing cars more as 'toys' than transportation. Therefore, I am a hypocrite, who will hold on to his 'Vette 'till they pry my cold, dead fingers from the wheel and shifter....

Comment: Re:Yet another Ted Cruz bashing article ! (Score 2) 415

by pslytely psycho (#49272997) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
There's a homerun. What you said is much more far reaching than it first appears. You just indited the entire educational system! You have shown it leaves people of all political stripes vulnerable to junk science. Crap like Facebook and others post garbage as fact, and most people are unable to think clearly enough to tell shit from shinola as my dad used to put it. Each side just picks up a different set of flags to shamefully wave!

And it's been the same throughout history, it just happens a lot faster now that nearly all have a voice, which in turn, makes it seem like it's worse since it is so visible. Asshats have always been the loudest. They just get to be a lot louder now. We had anti-vaxers when polio was still a thing when I was a kid, they just didn't have much of a voice.

Of course, it does occasionally work towards the better. That same social media has helped make positive changes as well...(puff, puff, pass....)

Comment: Re: Climate change is politics (Score 1) 415

by pslytely psycho (#49272925) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
I agree, I see however, a very narrowly focused article, referencing an American political op-ed piece. And a reply utilizing a very American slang term, which seems reasonable to me.

An opinion laid upon an opinion piece, by an opinionated old dude....but, that's just my opinion.

If you're on my lawn, I hope you brought beer and fired up the bar-b-que!

Comment: Re: Climate change is politics (Score 4, Insightful) 415

by pslytely psycho (#49272879) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
"An insignificant amount of water is used by car washes."

You're absolutely right. Even back in the 1970's when I worked for a carwash, we recycled something around 80% of our grey-water. And that was in Washington state with no water shortages (at that time....anyway). I would imagine it has improved significantly since that time.

Comment: Re: Climate change is politics (Score 1, Insightful) 415

by pslytely psycho (#49272863) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
Well, this is an American story about American politics, why should it not use an American point of view? After all, the 1% moniker is currently Amerislang for the rich, it has been used to describe truck drivers, the Hells Angels, and others in the past.

If this were about European politics, I would expect a European viewpoint.

If it were about World politics, then I could see this metric applied, maybe.

+ - Rendering a Frame of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Video games are among the most computationally intensive applications. The amount of calculation achieved in a few milliseconds can sometimes be mind-blowing.
This post about the breakdown of a frame rendering in "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" takes us through the different steps of the process.
It explains in detail the rendering passes involved, the techniques as well as the algorithms processed by a computer — 60 times per second."

Comment: Re:Another piece of software to uninstall (Score 1) 275

by pslytely psycho (#49203285) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner
Except most people know jack shit about their machine. And no matter how much you warn them, they invariably choose 'Express Install' instead of 'Advanced' because, you know, 'Advanced' is scary!

Then they pay me to remove it. I have become a leech to the advertising malware consortium. I do it as a side job at their homes for (insert favorite intoxicant here) money.

I try to teach them, even to the point of downloading something with a bunch of crap and walking them through the 'Advanced' install. Decline everything that isn't what you downloaded, never say yes. Never install something if you don't know what it is. Don't open emails if you don't recognize the sender, yada, yada, yada is all they hear.

At least they keep me supplied.

Comment: Re:FFS (Score 1) 398

No, it is regulated much the same way as alcohol.

Where the states are screwing it up is over taxation. (greed, plain and simple) It is still much cheaper to buy it black market. Medical prices are nearly the same and sometimes less, but retail is taxed at IIRC 25% or so. (WA, don't know about CO)

They have not realized that they are competing with an entrenched, intelligent black market that has operated for 70+ years right under their noses.

Now we have a glut of retail pot. The idiots issued way too many grow licenses, but way too few store licenses. Retail growers have gone from it being $20 per gram last year, to $4 per gram this year due to there being far too few retail outlets. Medical and recreational cannot be cross sold, if you grow for retail it must be sold into the (nearly non-existent) retail market. Meanwhile the medical side seems to of found the production/sales balance point.

Anecdotal observations and opinions from living here.

Growing pains, of the U-Dub Purple variety...

Comment: Re:What happened? (Score 3, Interesting) 422

by pslytely psycho (#48993621) Attached to: What Happened To the Photography Industry In 2014?
Personally, I think the difference has just become too small between inexpensive (truly cheap gear still sounds cheap) and high end, especially in sound gear. I bought a mid-range sound system for my home setup (47" 3D TV, 32" monitor, hooked into my computer, finally able to cut the cord, thanks to Popcorn time filling my Wife's series needs, Yea!!!) and it sounds better than my old system
I have a pair of vintage B&O speakers, amp, tuner and platter from the 70's that I spent an obscene amount of money for. Outdone by a $1700 Polk audio TSX440T system. Now, I realize the speakers have degraded over time, as has my hearing (56 yo) but I think this system would of given it a run for its money had it been available back in the day. (My aging B&O system now is in the family room and still sounds great, With the resurgence of vinyl, I really wish the platter had survived, but it died 20 years ago and was prohibitively expensive to repair.)
I think you really have to go with professional flat response speakers to have any significant improvement over the midrange consumer market today.
Off to mow the lawn and chase off pesky young'uns.

Comment: Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 430

by pslytely psycho (#48935061) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband
Actually, competition gives them 'religion.'

Where I live, Comcast does deliver their advertised speeds, at least since Century Link, Hughesnet, and (I don't remember offhand our other competitions name) came to town. Admittedly, Century Link at 25/5 is the closest to Comcasts 50/?, but Comcast frequently runs slightly over their stated speeds. And their customer service has improved a great deal.

Real competition has made Comcast bearable here.

The only issue I have with Century Link is that about 4 times a week, I have about a ten minute 'outage' while the modem resets, annoying, but at $36 per month I can live with that over Comcasts $59. I do miss how fast large files download, (Steam games take about 30-40% longer to download) but it is not so much worse to make me want to return to Comcast.

  And HD streams work just fine on the two main devices my wife and I use. And Popcorn Time eliminates the need for my wife to have Cable TV, so I was able to cut the cord and satisfy her ability to watch her favorite shows. She no longer misses cable TV, so win-win!!!

"Be *excellent* to each other." -- Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure