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Comment Re: hope there's a "no videos" flag in HTML5's fut (Score 1) 220

I know Chrome had an extension called 'noisy tabs' or similar, I have not seen one on Firefox. I use 'Tree Style Tab' on Firefox, It may be the addon, but there is no distinction between video and regular tabs. If I have to choose I'll stick with the Tree Style as I really like the way it displays.

Comment Re: hope there's a "no videos" flag in HTML5's fut (Score 1) 220

A lot (most?) news sites are guilty of the same thing. I try to not open video links in background tabs, but when one gets through, it can be a bitch to figure out what 'just started fucking playing' when you have a whole sidebar of nested tabs open, especially if it was a slow loading one ten tabs back.

Comment Re:Gaming (Score 1) 350

While you are correct that most are still 32 bit, that is changing rapidly. Especially in the last two years. Just a couple of years ago WOW, Euro Truck Simulator, Thief, Crysis and very few others would of been your list. Today however :

        ARK: Survival Evolved
        Assassin's Creed Rogue
        Assassin's Creed Syndicate
        Assassin's Creed Unity
        Batman: Arkham Knight
        Battlefield 4
        Battlefield: Hardline
        Black Gold: Online
        Bladestorm: Nightmare
        Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter
        Call of Duty: Black Ops III
        Call of Duty: Ghosts
        Carmageddon: Reincarnation
        Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior
        The Crew
        Dead Rising 3
        Dirty Bomb
        Dragon Age: Inquisition
        Dragon Ball Xenoverse
        Dying Light
        The Evil Within
        F1 2014
        F1 2015
        Fallout 4
        Far Cry 4
        FIFA 15
        Galactic Civilization 3
        Grand Theft Auto V
        Killing Floor 2
        Lords of the Fallen
        Metal Gear Solid V
        Metro 2033 Redux
        Metro Last Light Redux
        Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
        Mortal Kombat X
        NBA 2K15
        Need for Speed: Rivals
        Rainbow Six: Siege
        Ryse: Son of Rome
        Star Wars: Battlefront
        Toukiden: Kiwami
        Watch Dogs
        Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
        Wolfenstein: The New Order
        Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
        WWE 2K15

This is the direction the industry is heading. I personally would not build a gaming system today without a minimum of 16GB.


Comment Re:Headline is stupid (Score 0) 220

Oh fuck off already. This is an international message board. Not everyone is a native speaker, and typos do occur. Your answer just shows the rest of the world that you are incapable of adding constructively to a conversation and focus on tiny little unimportant shit. Is your life truly that empty?

Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 2) 321

Don't get the browser thing either, but you got me to thinking. There may be something to the DirectX incompatibility,

I see little difference in GPU's over the last few years, but prior to that it seemed like new hardware got hugely better every few months. My two year old R9 270x is fully compatible with DirectX12, but my previous GPU would not of been. So maybe it's more of a hardware issue than OS issue.

I know, I'm not a tech and I have no idea what I'm really talking thanks for a polite response to an aging hippy truckdriver who loves technology ......(:

Comment Re:It used to be a sure diagnosis... (Score 1) 155

"People have been talking into phones and speakers long before the internet. "

True, but they didn't walk around in public apparently talking to themselves until the advent of the cellular phone.

Now, it is not uncommon to hear something that appears to be a conversation between two people that turns out to be two people talking on their phones and oblivious that they sound like they're talking to each other, especially at the grocers where they both may be talking about milk, eggs or some other foodstuff they are standing near.

So yeah, the borderline crazies no longer talk to themselves, it's become pointless for getting attention. The real crazies never did talk out loud, the voices in their heads were far too paranoid about getting caught!

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 155

Thank you for that link, that was interesting, as was the companion article. (I had not heard of this before so it was a fascinating read)

Interestingly enough, MS doesn't deny that it uses Googles 'signal' sometimes and even Google puts it at around 9% tops, and it took nearly two weeks for similar results to resembling Googles honeypot to show up on Bing. If it was as nefarious as Google tried to make it I would think it would happen faster. They do deny wholesale scraping (I use both frequently, as they do tend to be quite different for the most part, and occasionally one or the other picks up something totally unique.) and even Google doesn't accuse them of that.
I wonder how many other search engines do a similar thing under the radar? The only real beef seems to be whether it's ethical to do so. Considering this comes from two companies who's ethics are at best suspect, I don't see that it matters much.

As the author of both articles says :
  "If I could go back and change only one thing in my original story, Iâ€(TM)d have made the headline â€oeGoogle: Bing Is Cheating, Copying SOME Of Our Search Results.†I explained at length in the article itself that most of Bingâ€(TM)s results were unique. But the headline was taken by some to mean that Bing copied all of Googleâ€(TM)s results."

Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 2) 321

"It is however a smart move by Microsoft to artificially refuse to backport DirectX to previous versions."

Would an older system even run the newer DirectX? I thought the underlying system architecture had changed enough that it simply couldn't be backported, especially after Win8?

(I am aware that DirectX 11.1 was partially backported to Win7 but not 11.2)

Comment Re:You can't pin items correctly. (Score 1) 249

You have added so much to this conversation. You are soooo meta. I suspect your IQ to be in the upper 40s, maybe. Now go away so the adults can have a discussion on the pros and cons of the new GUI.

Go back to griefing noob WOW players and doing the 'doubleclick while you hold your dick" mambo as you obviously haven't the intelligence to hold an actual conversation.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 249

Now this AC has been fun. Considering the amount of FUD he is spreading, enough to fertilize Texas, I would put his mental age at, oh, about 13.

No balls, no brains. He only hates on that which is popular because it makes him so meta. I bet he doesn't watch TV either, and only rides a bike, even in 10ft of snow....

Get out of your basement child, there is a whole wide world out there.....and girls! Real live ones that don't require flash to see! It's not 1996 anymore!

The only possible interpretation of any research whatever in the `social sciences' is: some do, some don't. -- Ernest Rutherford