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Comment Re:Vile Content: (Score 1) 164 164

"o Anything that harasses, bullies, or abuses an individual or group of people"

90% of the comments section of any political article. The other 10% are "I made $40,000 dollars last week using this one weird trick."**

**Numbers pulled out of my ass, so if they stink, you know why......

Submission + - Reddit will 'hide' vile content in policy change

AmiMoJo writes: It will be more difficult to find "abhorrent" content posted to community news site Reddit, the site has announced. It stopped short of banning the material outright and instead will require users to log-in to access it. The company reiterated its existing complete bans of illegal content, including child abuse images and so-called "revenge porn". chief executive and co-founder Steve Huffman told users: "We've spent the last few days here discussing, and agree that an approach like this allows us as a company to repudiate content we don't want to associate with the business, but gives individuals freedom to consume it if they choose."

Comment Re:Because Republicans (Score 1) 334 334

Yep, I have frequently used the line "Obama is the best Republican President we have had in a long time."

I never understood the hatred. He continued nearly every conservative law, continued most Republican tax policies, enacted a conservative health care plan that had been defeated before, he seems to be the perfect Republican.

I am surprised and pleased to see Bernie making such a splash, my dream election: Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders. I might even begin to believe in God........

No flip flopping and I love that he calls himself a Democratic Socialist. Heads exploding everywhere. This may be a very entertaining election.

Don't forget to stock up on popcorn!

Submission + - Microsoft Uses US Women's Soccer Team to Explain its 16.6% Female Tech Workforce

theodp writes: If it had a talent pipeline like the United States women's national soccer team enjoys, suggests The Official Microsoft Blog in Changing the Face of Coding, it might be able to hire a tech workforce that's more than 16.6% female. "It is not surprising that the U.S. women have been dominant in the sport [of soccer] in recent years. The explanation for that success lies in the talent pipeline," writes General Manager of Citizenship & Public Affairs Lori Forte Harnick. "Said another way, many girls in the U.S. have the opportunity to learn how to play soccer and, as a result, they benefit from the teamwork, skill development and fun involved. That’s the kind of opportunity I would like to see develop for the technology sector, which presents a different, yet perhaps even more significant, set of opportunities for girls and young women. Unfortunately, the strength in the talent pipeline that we see in female soccer today is not the reality for technology. The U.S. is facing a shortage of Computer Science (CS) graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every year there are close to 140,000 jobs requiring a CS degree, but only 40,000 U.S. college graduates major in CS, which means that 100,000 positions go unfilled by domestic talent."

Submission + - 3-Year-Old with Huge Head Has Groundbreaking Skull Replacement Surgery->

ErnieKey writes: Doctors in China have just successfully performed a groundbreaking surgery on a 3-year-old little girl named Han Han. Han Han was suffering from congenital hydrocephalus which caused her head to grow to four times the normal size. If something wasn't done, she probably wouldn't have lived much longer. This is when surgeons at the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province elected to remove a large portion of her skull and replace it with a 3d printed titanium mesh skull. The results were truly amazing, and Han Han is expected to make a full recovery.
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Comment Re:What happened to Common Sense? (Score 1) 363 363

My poor children, who as adults are 6'4" and 6'7", Grew up in the backseat of a 450hp Camaro, and grew up to be major gearheads.

Now that they're grown and on their own, I moved on to a Corvette.

Fun cars are the best, but I'm probably an abusive parent by some peoples standards....meh.

Comment Re:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 423 423

Indeed! Up here in Liberal Washington State, guns are easily obtained at Walmarts or specialty shops, we have open carry of handguns, and legal weed.

People totally do not understand the meaning of liberal!

I don't what fees or documents are required as I have never felt the need to own one. I don't believe they are onerous however.

Comment Re: Wrong (Score 1) 107 107

Actually, you are incorrect. The parts flying backwards to the direction of travel will lose a little Delta-V while the parts blowing out sideways will experience a slight change in orbital direction. The entire mass would still fly right by Pluto right on schedule. Track that orbit 500 years into the future and they will disperse, but still will be following a path very close to the original orbit.

So not obviously.

Orbital mechanics is very non-intuitive. And all science fiction movies get it wrong, even Europa report, which did a damn sight better at getting the science right than Gravity or Interstellar did.

Nothing in space follows a strait line, it is all orbits, and all orbits are curved.

For more info:

If you want to demonstrate it to yourself grab a copy of KSP,* send a probe to an outer planet, blow it up,** and then watch where the parts go. It is absolutely mind blowing how nothing in space works the way it 'obviously' should.


**Planned disassembly sending parts in all directions so as not to destroy any, it is a game after all, and exploding pieces just vanish. We call them Kessler bombs, even though Kessler syndrome cannot be simulated due to computational limitations, it's fun to pollute an orbit and damned hard to actually hit anything if you fly through it.

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