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Comment: Re:they missed a big one... (Score 1) 443

by psionski (#45283053) Attached to: I wish my car could...
A taxi doesn't get you the freedom to just go to some town, see if there's anything interesting there, go someplace else... just explore. I mean, you probably could, but it will be very expensive to travel any significant amount that way. Public transport is better suited, but it fails to provide the privacy and convenience (and often comfort) of a personal car.

Comment: Re:Poll talks (Score 1) 166

by psionski (#44037625) Attached to: To replace Google Reader, I favor ...
I still don't get it why noone is making a smart reader. RSS is semi-structured, which will make programming the AI quite a lot easier, and you'll get cool stuff like news articles you're likely to read on top, garbage on bottom (seriously, it's just a spam filter, nothing new here), suggestions of blogs to follow related to your interests (recommender system that learns from other users' added feeds)... This is exactly what Google should be doing, but for some reason they decide to shut it down?!

Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 90

by psionski (#43674255) Attached to: New Zealand Set To Prohibit Software Patents

A major break with this tradition came in the 1980s when the fourth Labour and fourth National governments enacted a series of reforms based on free market ideology. This reinforced many New Zealanders' distrust of intellectual theory, as many consider that the reforms increased poverty and inequality in New Zealand.

They're just scared of what's happening to the other "intellectual" nations, that's all.

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