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Comment: Re:I can guarantee this for the USA (Score 1) 249

by pryonic (#21038411) Attached to: Cellphone Use On Planes Coming Soon?
I'm not so sure about this. I've flown both in Europe and the US and the attitude of Europe is much more strict with regards to mobile phones. You usually have to turn off your phone as you get on the plane, and there's usually an announcement after landing stating "Please remain seated until the plane arrives at the gate and do not turn on your phone until well inside the terminal building". Also most European airlines will not let you operate a mobile during the flight even in flight mode.

Contrast this with the US where you can use your phone up until the plane gets to the runway and again as soon as the plane is taxiing to the gate. I'm not sure whether Europe is just being extra safe, or the US cellphone networks have lobbied the FAA to allow calls up until the exact limits of what is safe - it's just an observation.

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