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Comment: Re:Well, technically this wouldn't be Law of the S (Score 1) 692 692

The Sealand invasion, the hostage taking, and the subsequent dawn raid and recapture were comedic stunts. Read about Sealand with a smirk and you won't go far wrong - except that yes, they really were declared to be out of the jurisdiction of British courts by a British judge.

Comment: Re:Anonymous isn't an activist group (Score 1) 271 271

Terrorists use the populace as human shields, deliberately hide their weapons and identities, deliberately target civilians, and are just generally subhuman scum.

Wow, you could be describing world war II, Vietnam, or any number of other 'legitimate' conflicts. It really isn't that cut and dried.

Comment: Re:Only in America (Score 1) 932 932

It also buys a lot more bacon sandwiches, which is the type of thing the 50k person would be buying with their tax, as opposed to new yachts and other luxuries that the guy with 10 million would spend it on. But the fact is, they probably wouldn't spend it, it would amass in some portfolio - rich peoples money is dead money, it does nothing to help the economy.

"I don't believe in sweeping social change being manifested by one person, unless he has an atomic weapon." -- Howard Chaykin