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Comment: Re:Tin Foil Hat Accessory. (Score 1) 552

by provigilman (#24216821) Attached to: Alternative Uses For an Old Satellite Dish?
Cease and Desist

This letter is to inform you of possible patent infringement of US Patent Number 442153, also known as the "3 step joke" patent. This patent, granted in 1976, gives user provigilman exclusive rights to the use or developement of that joke, and all variations of it. Please cease and desist your use of it immediately while we discuss how millions you will pay up in the settlement. Thank you for your cash....I mean time.


+ - Blindness - Restoring Vision with Genetic Therapy

Submitted by pizzaman100
pizzaman100 (588500) writes "A clinical trial has begun in the UK to to treat blindness by genetically modifying DNA. The same method has already been used to restore vision to dogs. The treatment works by injecting a genetically modified virus into the retina. The virus attacks the cells in the retina in a beneficial way by inserting good DNA into the cells.

According to the article: Robin Ali at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and colleagues are treating adults and children with Leber's congenital amaurosis (LCA), caused by an abnormality in the RPE65 gene. This gene is important in recycling retinol, a molecule that helps the retina detect light. People with LCA usually lose vision from infancy. Ali's team are inserting healthy copies of RPE65 into cells in the retina, using a viral vector. Previously, dogs with LCA have had their vision restored in this way, allowing them to walk through a maze for the first time without difficulty."

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