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Comment Re:Strange Complaints (Score 2, Insightful) 771

Sounds to me like you're a windows admin at heart, and are tying to do everything from the gui. Really, if you want to administer os x you need to get ok with the unix command line. Also you might want to learn a little more about how to run a web server on unix. (hint: you can have more than one php.ini file)

Comment Re:No one I know uses a Mac for dev work (Score 1) 771

I work at a large internet company. We get to pick either a mac laptop or a windows laptop, plus a redhat desktop to run our code on. The vast majority of new hires go with the mac. But, we are generally writing php or c++ and many, if not most, use vim or emacs. I would say developers now at my company are about 30% mac, 50% windows and 20% linux. Our production machines mostly run linux. I think the mac is a great development platform, because it runs office, vim, textmate and I can and do run windows in vmware.

Antidepressants Work No Better Than a Placebo 674

Matthew Whalley writes "Researchers got hold of published and unpublished data from drug companies regarding the effectiveness of the most common antidepressant drugs. Previously, when meta-analyses have been conducted on only the published data, the drugs were shown to have a clinically significant effect. However, when the unpublished data is taken into account the difference between the effects of drug and placebo becomes clinically meaningless — just a 1 or 2 point difference on a 30-point depression rating scale — except for the most severely depressed patients. Doctors do not recommend that patients come off antidepressant drugs without support, but this study is likely to lead to a rethink regarding how the drugs are licensed and prescribed."

Submission Are these the worst tech ads ever made?

thingsinyoursocks writes: The technology industry is guilty of some really terrible commercials and CNET has rounded up what it thinks are the worst of them in two installments, here's the first and here's the second. "The tech industry has a rich and hilarious history of being unable to promote itself as anything other than unutterably dorky. Originally we were going to call this 'The top ten worst tech ads', but as we hunted around we discovered these are pure gold. They are shockingly bad, but you'll derive so much pleasure from watching them it didn't seem right to use 'worst' anymore."

Learning High-Availability Server-Side Development? 207

fmoidu writes "I am a developer for a mid-size company, and I work primarily on internal applications. The users of our apps are business professionals who are forced to use them, so they are are more tolerant of access times being a second or two slower than they could be. Our apps' total potential user base is about 60,000 people, although we normally experience only 60-90 concurrent users during peak usage. The type of work being done is generally straightforward reads or updates that typically hit two or three DB tables per transaction. So this isn't a complicated site and the usage is pretty low. The types of problems we address are typically related to maintainability and dealing with fickle users. From what I have read in industry papers and from conversations with friends, the apps I have worked on just don't address scaling issues. Our maximum load during typical usage is far below the maximum potential load of the system, so we never spend time considering what would happen when there is an extreme load on the system. What papers or projects are available for an engineer who wants to learn to work in a high-availability environment but isn't in one?"

Submission Yahoo replaces CEO Terry Semel

zasos writes: Yahoo, which has been eclipsed by Google Inc. as the dominant player in Web advertising, said co-founder Jerry Yang had replaced Semel as CEO. Sue Decker was promoted from executive vice president to president of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company.

Nine Reasons To Skip Firefox 2.0 606

grandgator writes, "Hyped by a good deal of fanfare, outfitted with some new features, and now available for download, Firefox 2.0 has already passed 2 million downloads in less than 24 hours. However, a growing number of users are reporting bugs, widening memory leaks, unexpected instability, poor compatibility, and an overall experience that is inferior to that offered by prior versions of the browser. Expanding on these ideas, this list compiles nine reasons why it might be a good idea to stick with 1.5 until the debut of 3.0, skipping the "poorly badged" 2.0 release completely." OK, maybe it's 10 reasons. An anonymous reader writes, "SecurityFocus reports an unpatched highly critical vulnerability in Firefox 2.0. This defect has been known since June 2006 but no patch has yet been made available. The developers claimed to have fixed the problem in according to Secunia, but the problem still exists in 2.0 according to SecurityFocus (and I have witnessed the crash personally). If security is the main reason users should switch to Firefox, how do we explain known vulnerabilities remaining unpatched across major releases?"
Update: 10/30 12:57 GMT by KD : Jesse Ruderman wrote in with this correction. "The article claims that Firefox 2 shipped with a known security hole This is incorrect; the hole is fixed in both Firefox and Firefox 2. The source of the confusion is that the original version of this report demonstrated two crash bugs, one of which was a security hole and the other of which was just a too-much-recursion crash. The security hole has been fixed but we're still trying to figure out the best way to fix the too-much-recursion crash. The report has been updated to clear up the confusion."

High-Def Disc Interactivity Debuts on HD DVD 135

An anonymous reader writes "Next to picture quality, interactivity has been touted as one of the key selling points of the next-gen disc formats — unlike standard def DVD, both HD DVD and Blu-ray are capable of delivering truly interactive experiences. This past Tuesday, Universal Studios released 'Fast and the Furious: Toyko Drift' on HD DVD with an interactive feature they've dubbed 'U-Control,' delivering the first true on-the-fly, user-controlled supplements to a pre-recorded video format."

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