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Comment: Forgetting feedlots? (Score 2, Informative) 366

by proselyte_heretic (#28458325) Attached to: Cows That Burp Less Methane to Be Bred

High methane from cows is a symptom of the problem, which is that most beef is from feedlots. Not only is the huge amount of waste produced by the feedlots a large methane source, but also the fields that are used to grow the feed (mostly corn). This article (print version: explains that conventional feedlot agriculture emits carbon dioxide and methane both on the fields and the feedlots, while rotational intensive grazing sequesters carbon and emits much less methane.

Comment: Re:Surveying is not the best method (Score 1) 219

by proselyte_heretic (#26858937) Attached to: Study Finds Gamers Prefer Control, Competence Over Violence

Yes. People are not capable of actually describing or predicting what makes them happy.
Here's an example about food: This gets into how ineffective people are at predicting happiness

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