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Comment: Re:Intl. Distribution (Score 4, Interesting) 407

by pronobozo (#35392890) Attached to: Canadian Songwriters Propose $10/mo Internet Fee
Canada has 28 million users, over 80% of the population(wikipedia). Also, it doesn't get divided amoungst everyone evenly, last time I checked you get "popularity credits" and based on the amount of credits, you get a higher percentage.

Anyways, this is the exact reason why I didn't sign up to SOCAN, I had a gut feeling they'd end up being some type of "voice" for all the songwriters, when really they should just act as the hub for collecting the royalties and getting them to me.

Even if I was signed up to SOCAN, how would they decide how many credits I'd get. From proven downloads? That'd be great cause I've had over 820,000 downloaded. But that wouldn't work because then it'd dilute the big winners, they wouldn't like that. What if my music was for free(because it is)? Would I still get credits?

First the UBB and now this... geesh.

Not all canadian artists are disgruntled and thinking they are "owed" something and feel the need to enforce a tax. With that said, feel free to download my music from my site, maybe it'll help calm the nerves a little.

Comment: Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 433

by pronobozo (#34812656) Attached to: Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada
The "performance package" is $31 a month and you only get 25 gigs of transfer. You are paying over a dollar per gig of content viewed. Damn that is expensive. I bought a season of enterprise(I had a star trek craving, don't judge), 30gig download from iTunes. I used my entire month in one day. Mesh wifi cached internet/bbs, anyone?

Comment: Re:Open your wallets (Score 2, Interesting) 327

I sell about 900 tracks a month. It's not much but it's a nice little bonus check and I am sure it'll grow over time. The value of that money has a lot more meaning to me and I like putting it back into the system of artists, hackerspaces, friends.

I am not NIN. Unfortunatly for me I will never have millions in paid promotion and currently I soley rely on my music being put in youtube videos, podcasts, and tv shows. Search pronobozo on youtube and sort by views, those are the things that have helped me.

I am big on the theme "I like to do it because it's fun" and if it ever became to much like a business for me, i probably wouldn't do it. I share music and it lets me meet more people, more communities, and gets me out to more events.

btw, 6m would be nice.

Comment: Re:Open your wallets (Score 3, Insightful) 327

This is along my train of thought. I think people should stop complaining about copyright and start taking action and put their own works under creative commons. It's a free world, if someone wants to restrict their work, they should have the right. If you don't like their system, start creating things and put it under some type of free license. We can live in a world where both systems exists and guess what, it already does! If enough people support it, it'll drown out your hated restricted content. Heck, all my work is under a reasonable CC license and it has only ever benefited me. I've had more than 500,000 free downloads, and amazingly, it hasn't made my life worse or destroyed the planet :-)

"Right now I feel that I've got my feet on the ground as far as my head is concerned." -- Baseball pitcher Bo Belinsky