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Comment Re:If we're going systemd, we should go full throt (Score 1) 324

Except when it doesn't and since it swallows stderr

A sane background/daemon process launcher sends stdout and stderr somewhere where it gets logged. Are you saying systemd just sends the standard output and error of stuff it launches to /dev/null, or that it sends them somewhere that's not easy to process? (Launchd sends them to the Apple System Log mechanism, which, yes, does have a binary log database, but ASL also sends stuff, including the stdout/stderr from launchd-launched processes, to the Boring Old Text File /var/log/system.log.)

Comment Re:If we're going systemd, we should go full throt (Score 1) 324

If as a result the Linux community grows closer together and focuses more on consistency I'm all for the move to systemd - even if that moves Linux away from the rest of the unixes due to loss of posix compliance.

Not that systemd affects POSIX compliance (and not that Linux is certified as POSIX-compliant; I haven't found it to be significantly worse than any other UN*X in terms of "annoyingly different from everybody else" - frankly, if there isn't at least one thing your UN*X-family OS does annoyingly differently from all the other UN*X-family OSes, it can't really call itself a UN*X :-)).

Comment Re:so... now they want to ban knowledge (Score 1) 307

Wasn't that program actually started under the Bush administration?

Well, yes but that's misleading.

So that Obama and Holder ended up taking all manner of shit from the Rabid Right--including a massive anti-Holder PR campaign by the NRA--for continuing to do what their guy had started?

This is the misleading part. The operation that became Fast and Furious began under the Bush administration as Wide Receiver but the program was vastly different under the Obama administration.

There was nearly seven times more guns allowed to walk during the Obama administration than under Bush. The Bush administration ended Wide Receiver in 2007 when they had issues with inadequate tracking. None of the Bush era guns have been used in homicides in the US. The Bush era program notified Mexican law enforcement of guns that they expected would cross the border, that didn't happen under Obama.

Whether you choose to chalk it up to incompetence or malice, there were many differences between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious that show the Obama administration's operation was a wholly different beast.


Comment Re:Introduction (Score 2) 207

Reminds me of the movie fight club where the guy supposedly worked for a car company, and part of his job was working with formulas to determine if the cost of lawsuits from deaths would be higher than the recall cost.

At least according to a Mother Jones story from 1977, something similar did happen at Ford, although it wasn't based on lawsuit costs, it was based on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figure for the dollar value of a human life.

Comment Re:This is stupid ... (Score 1) 143

The reason we adjust for leap years and leap seconds is our calendar is a close approximation to our orbital period ... but it's not exact.

That's the reason we adjust for leap years. The reason we adjust for leap seconds is that the speed of the earth's rotation 1) isn't exactly 360 degrees in 86400 SI seconds and 2) changes over time, so it's not even a fixed value close to 360 degrees in 86400 SI seconds.

Comment Re: node.js? (Score 1) 107

Node's JS engine *is* V8.

Meaning "node.js requires some C++ bindings and there are only versions of those bindings for V8" (or "can only be versions of those bindings for V8", as they're dependent on the way V8 works)? (I.e., better phrased as "the only JS engine on which node.js can run is V8".)

Comment Re: node.js? (Score 2, Informative) 107

node and chrome have nothing to do with each other besides sharing the JS engine.

node.js uses a JavaScript engine, as it's written in JavaScript. Chrome is a browser that has a JavaScript engine. So they share even less than that.

So the question is "does running node.js on V8 render it vulnerable?"

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