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Comment Re:Made in Italy... (Score 1) 83 83

... Wrong product, buy wine!

As TFA says:

Fiat Chrysler also agreed to buy back more than a half-million vehicles -- mostly Ram pickups -- whose defective suspension parts could cause a loss of control, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a statement Sunday. Owners will be able to trade in certain Jeeps for above-market value, and the company must hire an independent monitor approved by NHTSA.

(emphasis mine).

I was unaware that Ram pickups and Jeeps were "made in Italy"; I was under the impression that those were products made in North America.

Comment Re:FTP (Score 1) 618 618

Until those retards at Apple decided to remove the perfectly good working FTP implementation from the Finder.

Finder? D00d, that's a user-mode NFS server with an FTP client you've got there; the Finder just thinks it's a remote mount. (The UI stuff comes from a combination of the FTPFS plugin for the NetFS framework and NetAuthAgent/NetAuthSysAgent.)

And in what fashion was it "removed"? If I go to in Safari on Yosemite, it still does the mount.

Comment Re:Can someone answer me this? (Score 2) 164 164

I always thought /.'s moderation system was pretty clever like that. It rewards commitment. Stackexchange has taken it a bit further and limits the type of things you can do until you gain some "creds" by participating on the site (can only mod up until you get the "right" to mod down). I don't know why these systems aren't more common? The childish trolls don't have the patience to gain trust and those who commit to a site are the sort of community you want to foster.

Comment Re:After all the "Adjustments" (Score 2) 385 385

What are you talking about and do you have a source for what you're talking about?

Raw data is available and has been used. For example the Berkley Earth project re-analyzed the data starting with raw data and addressing concerns about heat islands, bad sources, etc.

Comment Re:Obligations (Score 1) 581 581

Yeah, because abusive, horrible people are in desperate need of protection from those who tell them to grow up!

a KKK member baker from making a black person's wedding cake

Being a member of the KKK isn't protected, mainly because it's optional. They have to serve the public regardless of their immature, childish opinions - not that it'd matter, most KKK members wear their hate on their sleeve.

That's why they're all running to 8chan or Voat - they need somewhere that caters to their emotional immaturity.

Comment Re:Fucking SJW (Score 1) 581 581

I think the term you are looking for is harassment, which can only be achieved if the harassee looks at the harassment.

Which is hard not to do if you're on the internet and the target of a hate campaign. Guess they should just leave the internet when the hate mob decides it's time for them to go?

Comment Re:+2/3, -1/3 (Score 4, Informative) 95 95

Thanks - so why don't the charm and the anti-charm go "poof" ?

They might not be antiparticles of each other, as they might differ in color charge.

I think that would violate color confinement because the resulting pentaquark would have a net color.

Red up quark, blue down quark, blue charmed quark, green up quark, antiblue anti-charmed quark. Net color = R+B+B+G-B = R+B+G = colorless. (Shamelessly lifted from the "2015 LHCb results" section of the Wikipedia page for the pentaquark.)

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