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Comment: Emergency lighting (Score 2, Interesting) 635

by prodangle (#28203961) Attached to: You've Dropped Your Landline — Now What?
How about hooking up some low-power emergency lighting around the house - even LEDs would be useful to let you find your way around. You could also tap into the mains ring, so if power drops a small set of lights could come on. You might even be able to neatly recess some small bulbs into your skirting, or lower down in the wall. I'm sure it would break the rules on any service plan with your landline provider, and may even be illegal, but if done well it would be very cool and also pretty useful.

Comment: Re:The Lesson? (Score 1) 263

by prodangle (#17245016) Attached to: MySpace Users Have Stronger Passwords Than Corporate Employees
This may not mean that "passwords are getting better." It may just prove once again that people care more about their personal things than other people's stuff.
Myspace users are likely to be younger, and although stereotypically they are not renowned for their spelling ability, they will be more technology aware than the average corporate user. Myspace users are comfortable with the internet and use it for leisure, whereas at work those who otherwise wouldn't mix well with technology are forced to cope.

Britain's 400 Years of Cyber Law 225

Posted by Zonk
from the ye-olde-email dept.
corbettw writes "There's a news piece in The Register this morning about a British high court ruling about email signatures, and whether they constitute binding contracts. Apparently, the 1677 Statute of Frauds dictates what constitutes a contract, so an email with a disclaimer in the sig could qualify under the language of the statute. Since the statute predates the Constitution of the U.S., a clever lawyer could argue it applies here equally. Maybe there's some truth to the Internet joke 'take off every sig for great justice!'"
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Journal: DOH again!

Journal by prodangle
I just typed something here for the first time ever, then I hit the wrong button and lost it, so that's definitely not a good start. Let's hope this one stays, now where is that save button?

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