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Comment Re:Physical media is king (Score 1) 105

My cassettes still work, I even have some 8-tracks that play well, for different values of the word "well" I have some cassettes from the early 70's that still play back without drop outs, I guess it's how you look after them, as for optical media, that's a different story early cd's are doing much better than the ones from this century. That goes for dvd's and BR too, however I haven't had a BR fail yet. Alie

Comment Re:Has the systemd problem been addressed? (Score 1) 147

Exactly, stop moaning, if you don't want a certain init system, use a distro that does, or move to *BSD life really is that simple, and if you have a separate /home just make sure you set up your user with the same user / pass combination and same GID/UID. It's not like you don't have a choice in the matter

Comment Re:Taking remote control of the keyboard (Score 1) 127

NVM, it's me that should be shot, I read the above as a statement and not a question, and the answer is no, you can't remote to grub(2) so no back spacing, just to note that it was patched before it even made headlines, all you could do is boot a pc and you had to be local, of course from local grub(2) you can gain root by just adding a "1" to the boot stanza and get single user mode. same as safe mode on windows, and you have to be sitting at the pc to be able to do it. As we all know if you get physical access to any PC it's game over.

Comment I really feel sorry (Score 1, Troll) 127

I really feel sorry for those locked in to that OS, every day it seems there is a new problem with their security, and maybe MS should break backwards compatibility and fix that shit. While they are at it they can scrap the other crap added too, no one in their right mind will willingly use an OS that spies on them regardless if it helps MS see why things break. Anyway, it's not my problem I've been MS free for years

Comment Re:Every cloud (Score 0) 130

PCLinuxOS version of uninstall, open synaptic, enter root password (we don't use sudo) search for task-pulseaudio-remove and click apply/apply, reboot done :P seriously though this malware is crap, first only a moron installs outside of the repository, then you don't know if the deb/rpm matches the system in any way.. usually mic is muted even on a working system until needed, I could go on :D This is a none issue. Hey Ubuntu users, please get rid of sudo, it's inherently weak in the way *buntu uses it, same password for user as for root? seriously, change that shit. Alie

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