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Comment Re:This Guy's Talents Should be Put to Good Use (Score 2) 198

Sounds like this guy is more clever than most of the constables and prison officials in the article. Perhaps MI5 should hire him for penetration testing instead of putting him in jail!

That's the rest of the population then. Disclaimer, I am a Brit.

Comment Re:I'd suggest to recommend uninstalling windows t (Score 2) 134

Number one reason not to use Ubuntu and anything that uses SUDO in a way that it uses the same password as your username password, it's fucking stupid, kill sudo and use SU with a proper root password that's different to your user password. Ubuntu should be shamed for using sudo in such a stupid fashion.

Comment Re:Malware? (Score 1) 230

windows/Linux user here, there are problems with both, however linux is just better, I use PClinuxOS as my main desktop, idiot easy to install, updates are frequent as it's a rolling distro, so I never have to reinstall. I have a separate /home partition, that's sync'd by rsync to my little machine I use for back ups, everything was found hardware wise, and yes some things go wrong, usually fixed within a day of being reported, this isn't unique to just the distro I use, but the majority of others too, regardless of init system they use. I admin both Linux and Windows machines and 9 times out of 10 if the phone rings it's a Windows issue, and that doesn't mean it's 9 Windows machines to every 1 Linux box, it's actually near half and half. Alie.

Comment Re:When I first read this (Score 1) 230

You have no argument from me :) and I think others need to learn to read of what I said, but never mind, I don't own any fruity products but I know through reading that what you say is true to an extent, as to my comment above it's humourous not a troll hahaha, I swear every time I come to this site, the IQ of the average reader drops. And at least I put my name to it :P Alistair.

Comment Re:Not really missing vinyl (Score 2, Informative) 433

I can, and have done since 1985 with my first Philips cd player, I have been tested to hear from 17Hz to 22Khz also medically, I can honestly tell the difference easily on say Enya orinocco flow, the one on the original release CD has bass that goes to around 18Hz the one on the "Best of" cuts off at around 25Hz and the treble is sliced too. To most that use crap mp3 players or midi HIFI 's the difference is small, but for someone who has a decent system it's like night and day.

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