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by present_arms (#47750509) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Everyone hates X, so lets compare this thing I don't like to X. Even thought its obviously very different from X.

The difference being is that X is the best windowing system for versatility, nothing else from anywhere is close as bad as it is. There was nothing really wrong with system V the idea of systemd in the beginning was to shave a few seconds off booting to a desktop, and us linux users hardly ever have to boot in the first place (for most, not all I admit, it's nicer to put the machine in to sleep or hibernate.).

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What system V and systemd do is initialise the OS, let me kinda explain, you turn on your pc, it loads the bootloader which in turn loads the init system, the init's systems job is to hand off certain jobs to certain programs, getty so you have cli, X so you have a nice GUI, and starts or stops services. This is a very simplistic explanation. Now it's my belief that Init should be made with separate components, for instance system V will read the scripts from /etc/rc.d and depending on those scripts depends what's loaded at boot time. Now the problem with systemd is (from what I believe) is that it's a one-stop for all, encompassing all the scripts needed, and gaining bloat (mostly not needed) at the same time. It's starting to be the "registry" of the linux world. and NO-ONE with a hint of intelligence wanted the Windows registry, let alone a clone of one.

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System V scripts here and don't plan to change, even if my distro does, if it gets infected with systemd then I'll change distros. It really is as simple as that. Unless something goes horribly wrong there is always slackware, which as I recall not only still uses system V but still uses LILO to boot, and long may it do so :D.

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Java/Flash are crap security wise, and many Win users run full admin and trained to click 'Allow' to everything completely negating OS protections. Do the same on Linux, and you will be in as much trouble.

Ok I'll do a deal with you, you turn off your AV and all the other crap u have "securing" your winbox, and I'll just run my linux and we'll go to all the seedy websites and lets see what happens. No AV or firewall or adblock, ghostery, noscript etc. How about it?

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