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+ - Behind-The-Scenes Superbowl Tech: A Video Tour->

Submitted by jfruhlinger
jfruhlinger (470035) writes "You might be a hardcore sports fan or might think of jocks with disdain, but if you're a geek you'll probably be intrigued by the tech behind the brand-new stadium where this weekend's Superbowl will be played. 84 Cisco access points, 70 wiring closets, 40,000 wired ports, 8 million feet of Ethernet cabling, 260 miles of fiber, 100 TB of storage — all on a single network."
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+ - Hudson Becomes Jenkins; Oracle Declares A Fork->

Submitted by jfruhlinger
jfruhlinger (470035) writes "Hudson, an open source Java project formerly hosted on, has been transformed into Jenkins as a result of a name dispute with Oracle. Although the project's source code is open, Oracle claims ownership (inherited from Sun) of the Hudson trademark. Although nearly the entire developer community has moved to the Jenkins project, Oracle says that Hudson still exists, and Jenkins is a mere fork."
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+ - Windows drops below 90% market share->

Submitted by jbrodkin
jbrodkin (1054964) writes "Windows' market share has dropped below 90%, with all versions of the operating system now being used on 89.7% of PCs and other devices including smartphones and tablets. Some observers have pointed out that Windows actually dropped below 90% long ago according to some stat tracking organizations. But the latest 90% barrier crossing, reported by Net Applications, is still a significant one as it demonstrates Microsoft's failure to counteract Apple and Android in the world of mobile devices. When excluding smartphones and tablets, and counting only PCs, several counting organizations still put Windows at more than 90% share."
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+ - Wikileaks Nominated for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize 3

Submitted by mvar
mvar (1386987) writes "Whistle-blower site WikiLeaks has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian politician who cited its role in freedom of speech, news agency NTB reported Wednesday. "WikiLeaks is one of this century's most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparency," parliamentarian Snorre Valen said in his nomination. Valen cited WikiLeaks role in disclosing the assests of Tunisia's former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his nearest family, contributing to the protests that forced them into exile."

Rogue Satellite Shuts Down US Weather Services 202

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the ambush-backstab-vanish dept.
radioweather writes "On Sunday, the drifting rogue 'zombie' Galaxy 15 satellite with a stuck transmitter interfered with the satellite data distribution system used by NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), effectively shutting down data sharing between NWS offices nationwide, as well as weather support groups for the US Air force. This left many forecasters without data, imagery, and maps. Interference from Galaxy 15 affected transmissions of the SES-1 Satellite, which not only serves NOAA with data relay services, but also is used to feed TV programming into virtually every cable network in the US. NOAA's Network Control Facility reports that the computer system affected was NOAA's Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) used to issue forecasts and weather bulletins which uses the weather data feed. They also state the problem is likely to recur again this month before the satellite drifts out of range and eventually dies due to battery depletion."

NASA Confirms Discovery of Organism With Phosphorus-Free DNA 380

Posted by timothy
from the well-it's-not-that-shaggy dept.
GNUALMAFUERTE writes "As we mentioned before, NASA's Department of Astrobiology had an important announcement to make today. It looks like Gizmodo was right. You can watch the presentation online right now. It looks like the bacteria in question uses arsenic as a phosphorus replacement in its DNA."

Autonomous Audi TT Conquers Pike's Peak 187

Posted by samzenpus
from the mega-turbo-boost dept.
fergus07 writes "After a year long research program, this week Audi revealed that its Autonomous TTS car had completed the 12.42-mile Pike's Peak mountain course in 27 minutes. An expert driver in the same car would take around 17 minutes — now we have a benchmark, the race is on, and it's almost inevitable that a computer will one day outdrive the best of our species, and it may be sooner than you think."

DARPA To Turn Humans Into Batteries 183

Posted by samzenpus
from the electric-personality dept.
DARPA is working on a project that will convert energy from the human body to power a variety of military gadgets. From the article: "Obviously, our bodies generate heat — thermal energy. They also produce vibrations when we move — kinetic energy. Both forms of energy can be converted into electricity. Anantha Chandrakasan, an MIT electrical engineering professor, who is working on the problem with a former student named Yogesh Ramadass, says the challenge is to harvest adequate amounts of power from the body and then efficiently direct it to the device that needs it." If I remember the movie correctly, this didn't turn out so well for the humans.

German High Court Declares All Software Patentable 330

Posted by StoneLion
from the bitter-patent-medicine dept.
FlorianMueller writes "Long gone are the times when Europe was that bastion of resistance against software patents and patents on such things as file systems were ruled invalid. In a decision published today, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany upheld a patent on the automatic generation of structured documents (such as XML/HTML) in a client-server setting. The ruling lays out general principles that go beyond the patent at stake: they tear down all barriers to software patentability in the largest EU member state, even though a European patent treaty has been adopted that was intended to exclude software from the scope of patentable subject matter. EU patent examiners recently warned against a drift toward software patents. Software patent critics in Europe fear this will spark more litigation on their continent and increasingly call for defensive measures."

Bill Gates No Longer World's Richest Man 413

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the well-that's-so-sad dept.
alphadogg writes "Riding surging prices of his various telecom holdings, including giant mobile outfit America Movil, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu has beaten out Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to become the wealthiest person on earth and nab the top spot on the 2010 Forbes list of the World's Billionaires." I'd still let the guy buy me dinner if he's ever in my town. He's probably still good for it even though he's fallen on hard times.

Apple Removes Wi-Fi Finders From App Store 461

Posted by timothy
from the you've-been-very-very-naughty dept.
jasonbrown writes "Apple on Thursday began removing another category of apps from its iPhone App Store. This time, it's not porn, it's Wi-Fi. Apple removed several Wi-Fi apps commonly referred to as stumblers, or apps that seek out available Wi-Fi networks near your location. According to a story on Cult of Mac, apps removed by Apple include WiFi-Where, WiFiFoFum, and yFy Network Finder."

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