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Comment Fair Wage (Score 1) 123

There has been a lot of question about fair wage in the thread. So to answer everybody, the fair wage depends a lot on region, currency etc. We partner a lot of with local organization such as NGOs. Many of our members are house wives or are unemployed for whom the big difference having no access to work at all. Average wages vary from $1.50 to $2 per hour (this is in developing countries mind you).

Crowdsourcing Makes an API For Human Intelligence 123

holy_calamity writes "A startup called MobileWorks claims to offer human-level intelligence to any piece of software, with APIs for image, text or speech processing that crowdsource tasks to workers in India. Unlike Amazon's Mechanical Turk, jobs can be sent in by software without human help and can also be completed in 'real time' with a turnaround of a few seconds. The company claims that for problems like OCR and image recognition it makes more sense to find ways to use human intelligence than developing complex custom algorithms." Not a bad plan — sounds like they've lifted a page from the business model of captcha-cracking spammers.

Comment Mark Zuckerberg (Score 5, Interesting) 317

Mark Zuckerberg is the most unethical guy in the industry today. As is obvious by the origins of Facebook, his infamous hacking of the journalists passwords during the the-facebook era and countless other fiascoes that come to news from time to time. Everyone who has ever dealt with him says have bad things to say about him.
If he is the face of the next generation entrepreneurs, then god saves the industry.

Slashdot Discussions Now Include Roulette Video Chat 192

It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to announce the latest updates to our discussion software. We've been paying a lot of attention to what other websites have been doing in the space, and as we are only too happy to steal good ideas, from now on all Slashdot stories will now be accompanied by a Roulette-style webcam video chat. In testing, we've discovered that Slashdot users are amazingly likely to engage in informative, troll-free discussion when presented with the video image of one of their peers. This new addition to Slashdot nicely rounds out and improves the discussion experience for all users.

Submission + - Spam Filters Force Magazine Name Change->

krou writes: After 90 years of publication, a Canadian history journal is being forced to change its name because of spam filters. The Beaver, which chose its name because of Canada's iconic dam-building creatures, has been forced to change its name to Canada's History, because 'attempts to reach a new online audience kept falling foul of spam filters — particularly in schools — because beaver is also a slang term for female genitalia.' They 'also noticed that most of the 30,000 or so visitors to their website per month stayed for less than 10 seconds', and they probably correctly suspected that those visitors were not interested in 'learning about the trade in beaver fur which built Canada's early economic fortunes'.
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Submission + - Suicide Bombers Wreak Havoc in Moscow->

reporter writes: About four hours ago, two women wearing belts loaded with explosives walked into two subway stations — the Lubyanka station and the Park Kultury station — in Moscow and detonated the belts. Twenty-two people died at the former station, and 12 died at the latter. Both stations are near the heardquarters of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the K.G.B. "Moscow's red Sokolnicheskaya line, where the first explosion occurred, is used by members of Russia's security service to get to work."

The news wires are lighting up with this story. See the reports at "Times Online", "The New York Times", "", and ""

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Submission + - 12 button keypads better than touchpad keyboards 1

prayag writes: "Using phones with touchpads is more demanding than using traditional mobile phones. Even small external interferences complicate writing SMSes on a touchpad, according to results achieved by implementing a new research method developed by a research institute from Finland. "If you can write using your phone without anything disturbing you, it is fastest to type them with a Physical-Qwerty keyboard, the small keyboard similar to one in a normal computer. If you have to concentrate on something else while typing or if you, for instance, cannot see the phone while typing, the ITU-12 keypad, the most traditional mobile phone keypad with 12 buttons is fastest for typing SMSes," said Antti Oulasvirta, Senior Researcher at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT. Oulasvirta's research group's study will be published in April at CHI 2010. Original paper can be found here"

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