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Comment: Re:How big a fuss is it, really? (Score 1) 328

by praxis (#48273675) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

Even with some self-winding watches, they require a funky gyroscope case on a nightstand to get and stay powered up.

It would be nice if the watch could go longer without a charge, however.

While some springs won't hold the energy longer than a few seconds, most watches will be fine with eight hours of not winding. A "funky gyroscope case" is useful for people that have more than one watch so that one can be wound constantly and ready to go at moment's notice--not to keep winding it over night. That way they don't need to set the time every time they change to a different watch.

Comment: Re:Make it a plugin for local mail clients (Score 1) 173

by praxis (#48208557) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization

You are right, that you retain the privacy of data beyond the message itself, I didn't think of that. When I think of Gmail, I think of Gmail the way I use it: as a server. I almost never use the web-interface because I dislike it (on top of the fact that I can't read my email in the web interface anyhow due to the encryption). I use a client almost exclusively.

I'm not in their demographic for their new product/service and hadn't really thought through other use-cases. That said, many (most) of my correspondents use Gmail so any unencrypted message of mine to or from them is stored and indexed by Google anyhow. That's why I feel local encryption is the best option for privacy.

Comment: Re:A better alternative? (Score 1) 173

by praxis (#48205695) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization

Unless you encrypt all your mail, and your correspondents do so as well, email is basically a post card. It matters not who your provider is, really. If you want to secure your own mail server, you'll need to run your own. It's far easier though, to get an S/MIME certificate and use that for sensitive emails with key correspondents and leave the spam and junk mail as is (plain text and readable). It's just a matter of benefit for effort.

My mindset is basically email is a post card, if I want to have privacy I put my message in an S/MIME envelope sealed with my recipient's public key.

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by praxis (#48163289) Attached to: Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

Considering that my Black MacBook (2006) lasted eight years, it was a good investment.

My XPS from 2006 is still with me, but the equivalent Macbook would have been far more expensive. What is your point?

Today that price difference is not nearly as much. Looking at (as best I could find, not exactly) comparable systems, a Dell 15" XPS laptop is $0.99 MORE than a MacBook Pro 15". The Dell has a touch-screen but the MacBook Pro has an SSD and other differences. Perhaps if you took more time than I just did to build as close a system as possible the Dell would be cheaper, but I didn't find that.

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by praxis (#48160315) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

Never mind this being the stupidest idea on earth, we already have a wealth tax, and it has a name: inflation

How does inflation fund government services to the general populace? Genuinely curious. I like taxes, I get a benefit from them. I don't see much benefit from inflation (that I am aware of but I am ignorant of much macroeconomics).

Comment: Re:Heh Heh pain for Comcast and Time Warner (Score 1) 139

by praxis (#48160225) Attached to: HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription

Why would I want Comcast internet service? We're talking about the cheapest way to get HBO today.

From your link:

Comcast’s current monthly service charge for Internet Plus is $69.95, HBO® is $19.99, and Streampix® is $4.99 (pricing subject to change)

Which is $95 a month PLUS:

Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, including Broadcast TV Fee (currently up to $1.50/mo.) extra, such charges and fees subject to change during and after the promotion.

An unknown amount of fees they don't disclose on that page, which might change during your TWO YEAR CONTRACT. No idea what the termination fees are.

So, according to what you linked, I was wrong about the $140/mo + whatever fees cable package and indeed you can get HBO cheaper by having a cable internet connection going into your house that's going to sit there unused for $95/mo + whatever fees.

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