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Comment: Re:I bet Amazon would love to hire more women. (Score 0) 485

by praxis (#48429585) Attached to: As Amazon Grows In Seattle, Pay Equity For Women Declines

My wife and I are both programmers, and she makes pretty much the same money I do (more right now - I was out of the workforce for a while dealing with cancer).

The fact that you feel the need to justify why your wife makes more money than you do illustrates some of the problems we have with gender issues. It should be perfectly normal for a woman to make more than a man.

Comment: Re:So close, so far (Score 2) 546

by praxis (#48427071) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon

While you are entitled to your own self-loathing, but please count me out of your bogus statistics.

He did. He said half. He never said which half belong to. You can claim his 50% is wrong, but it's clearly a SWAG and he stated so. I don't understand how you can be offended here. If someone told me 50% of men are jerks to women, I'm not going to be offended unless they said 50% of men are jerks to women and I am a man so I must be a jerk to women, but no such claim was made here.

Comment: Re:So close, so far (Score 1) 546

by praxis (#48427023) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon

I think gstoddart meant "There's so much good toys out there for kinds that unless the child is asking for Barbie, you can skip it altogether", which is what he or she wrote. The implication there is that if the child asks for Barbie, you can't skip it. You seemed to imply that he or she would do all sorts of horrible things to the child and that seems unfair based on what we know of him or her.

Comment: Re:Private Links != Paid Priority (Score 1) 258

by praxis (#48404299) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

Yes, because if each user paid for each connection from his computer to another computer, it would be far more expensive than pooling resources and wiring everyone up and routing traffic. It's the same reason I don't have a road only I own and use to go to work, another to go to the store, etc. Roads are pooled and funded differently than a private ISP but the concept is similar.

Comment: Re:Marked Paper Ballots FTW (Score 1) 388

by praxis (#48386485) Attached to: Another Election, Another Slew of Voting Machine Glitches

Which is a very different thing than government-issued IDs being illegal. Without free, government-issued IDs, voter-ID laws are unfair and the reason I posted my original statement: "The one big problem is that we are not given free government-issued IDs that I am aware of." I did not say why we don't have free, government-issued IDs (I was aware of the reason). I only meant to say that because we don't, voter ID laws are all terribly unfair.

Comment: Re:Big deal... (Score 1) 132

by praxis (#48378919) Attached to: Comet Probe Philae Unanchored But Stable — And Sending Back Images

Good God, do these people attended school ? It's depressing to hear such stupid statements.

No kidding!

Yeah no shit man. I was typing too fast and an error is always excusable.

It would be far more excusable if Slashdot did not give you a preview of your comment before you commit it. Type as fast as you want, but read what you wrote slower. You'll find your error rate reduced.

Comment: Re:They delete your contributions (Score 1) 140

by praxis (#48321973) Attached to: Meet the 36 People Who Run Wikipedia

Yeah, I tried Wikipedia. Uploaded things like rare book covers. 100% public domain stuff. Had them deleted. Computer storage is infinite and free, but the powers that be at Wikipedia delete anything and everything that anyone contributes.

Computer storage is not free and infinite. If they delete anything and everything that anyone contributed, it would be an empty site, and it's not.

Comment: Re:Wiki hype (Score 1) 140

by praxis (#48321957) Attached to: Meet the 36 People Who Run Wikipedia

>"...your foundational value is that 'every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge'"...

Hah. If I could only count the number of factually correct pages that have disappeared over the years for failure to be "relevant" or "sufficiently important" or whatever metric they use, I'd be counting pretty damn high. Care about a regionally famous indie band from the mid 90's to the point that you'll carefully assemble what little information is out there about them? Too bad, gone in a blink, as if were complete and searchable for that stuff.

I've just never understood why something true should be excluded there.

While it would be nice to have information about everything, those that are paying the bills for storage, replication and transmission have decided that there has to be a line somewhere or the data set gets too large. While I wish there were no line I do understand why one might exist.

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