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Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 371

We vote, we count votes, and the person who gets the most votes takes office (with rare exceptions like Gore in 2000 when Gore got more votes in Florida). That's democracy.

That's direct democracy, which we do not have except in limited instances. Your example of the presidency is an excellent example of this, actually. Are you aware of this thing called "the electoral college"? When was the last time you voted for members of the electoral college? Okay, so the POTUS election isn't an actual "one man, one vote" type deal in the direct democratic sense. Plus, it's winner-take-all for each state and thus not even a true representation of how the various electoral college members actually voted. So, not directly democratic either even in the limited arena of the electoral college.

Okay, so how about the supreme court justices? Who did you vote for during the last election? Or hugely influential people in the various cabinets such as Secretary of State. Who did you vote for?

Huh. Okay, so while the US has some parts of government directly democratic ("one man, one vote"), there were deliberately set in place those checks and balances (a constitution and republican structure of other parts of government) to thoughtfully and precisely limit direct democracy, as the Founders felt that direct democracy would be too damaging ("tyranny of the majority" for example) and unwieldy to boot.

The example CauseBy gave, which you say is direct democracy, is not direct democracy. In a direct democracy the electorate vote on policy initiatives. In CauseBy's example, the electorate elect representatives.

Comment: Re:huh?? (Score 1) 144

>> WTF happened to Office 365

It will be renamed "Office 362" when the statistics will show 3 days downtime per year :))))

Or perhaps "Office 363" on leap years :)

And here I thought it would be named Office 6 to follow the Xbox 360 to Xbox One naming convention of subtracting 359 every major release.

Comment: Re:Office 2007 started the move into alternatives (Score 1) 144

"look dummy, every single item you had access to with these cumbersome menus is available on screen"

That is most certainly not true.

A counter-example from Word 2010: "Kerning for fonts X Points and above" which is available in the advanced font dialog, as far as I could tell, cannot be added to the ribbon and is not there on a virgin install.

Which brings me to another point, why is there no search on the customize ribbon UI? Why did I have to select "All commands" and then scroll around stuff that started with "font..." and stuff that started with "kern..." to try to find this command?

Comment: Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (Score 1) 799

by praxis (#48880023) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Also, anyone driving a manual, or even an auto-manual, needs to hear the engine to know when to shift, because they can't be staring at the tachometer when driving.

No one *needs* to hear the engine noise to know when to shift. Feeling the car's velocity and knowing what gear one's in is sufficient information most of the time.

Comment: Re:A guess (Score 1) 241

by praxis (#48859209) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?

Palm's issue, was that the "Pre" was to late to the smart phone market, by then, Apple was already with iPhone. When I had my Palm, and my cellphone, I kept wondering why the two were not melded. My wonderment lasted over two years.

So if it was so difficult, why not break Palm OS to make it work on phones.

Never heard of the Treo? Palm was selling smart phones since 2003 when they acquired Treo from Handspring. But I don't think it was ever successful. Blackberry devices were more efficient and by the time the iPhone came out they had switched to Windows Mobile.

One major use-case that iPhone covered that Treo did not was rendering webpages that were not specifically formatted for the device.

Comment: Re:Sugar and calories (Score 1) 224

by praxis (#48765951) Attached to: Beware Headlines Saying Chocolate Is Good For You

Nor do the 65% of the population that are not obese (according to your numbers, which I am not sure where you get them from since the Lancet reports much different numbers: http://www.thelancet.com/journ....

Once again, no item you can eat contains healthy or unhealthy calories. The calorie is a measurement of energy. If one eats dramatically more or dramatically less energy then one's body metabolizes, they are adding an unhealthy element to their lives.

We do not say sarcastically "But you still get all the healthy water!" because its possible to drink enough water to get water poisoning. We do not claim that water is unhealthy for us because a surfeit or lack is unhealthy for us. It is the surfeit or lack that is unhealthy, not the water. Similarly, a calorie itself is not healthy or unhealthy.

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