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Comment: Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 273 273

In order to succeed as a scientist, one must be of above-average intelligence.

Could not one of average intelligence yet above-average perseverance perform an experiment building on another's experiment and be called a "successful" scientist. You did not show that above-average intelligence is a necessary condition for success as a scientist.

Comment: Re:Why safari doesn't work for me (Score 1) 307 307

the Windows version [of Safari] is flaky in my experience.

(Emphasis mine).

Do you mean the three-year-old, discontinued, non-supported, version 5.1.7 of Safari for Windows? By citing such dated information, you make me wonder on what basis you've formed the rest of the opinions expressed in your post.

Comment: Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 297 297

Does Robocopy do integrity checking of the copies? Also, with zero retries, what happens on a failed backup? Are you notified? While your solution only takes a moment to set up, there are far better solutions that take as little (or less time) but offer more robust copying, to multiple destinations, with encryption, and without needing to copy over exact copies.

Comment: Re:Interesting..sorta? (Score 3, Insightful) 297 297

TIL is a fairly common, in recent years, initialism for "today I learned." The very first result I got for a Google search for "til" is the TIL Reddit. The very second result was an urban dictionary entry. I don't know why I bothered to do the work for you; I suppose I felt generous being your Google-bot.

Comment: Re:The basic tenet of security (Score 1) 196 196

When I was young I had an old Saab. I guess I have always been odd. Anyhow, that Saab was terrible and I had little money or expertise to repair it. I could not trust it to get me to my destination. Yet, strangely enough, I still used it. I could not trust it to start, trust the brakes to work, or even trust the lights to remain on for very long. (I did fix the brakes.)

You do not need to trust something to use it.

You do, to some degree. You trusted the Saab not to explode when you attempted to start it, for example. Trust is not a 0% or 100% thing, it's more complicated than that. When someone says they don't trust X, they really mean they don't trust X to do Y. That Y is important, if sometimes implied. You did not trust your Saab in many regards, but you did trust it in some regards. If you did not trust it in *ANY* regards, you wouldn't use it.

Comment: Re:The basic tenet of security (Score 1) 196 196

I trust nobody

That is not to say I don't use products, but use does not imply 100% trust. It implies just enough trust to use something.

You seem to contradict yourself there. You cannot trust nobody but then trust somebody just enough to use something. My entire point was that non-zero trust was impossible when using anything you did not build yourself. A point you seem to agree with despite your protestations that you completely disagree.

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