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Comment: Re:Not just iPhone (Score 1) 421

by praxis (#47984923) Attached to: Users Report Warping of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

lol, you don't have a fucking clue what you are talking about. i keep my g3 in my front pocket, back pocket, whatever pocket is convenient and it has never had any problem. also that link that you also did not look at clearly shows bent iphone 4 and 5.

so yeah, fuck off crapple shill.

Just because you've never had a problem with your one instance of phone does not mean that other instances of those phones do not get bent.

Comment: Re:Book Bans (Score 1) 402

by praxis (#47984379) Attached to: It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...

Is it more efficient for millions of parents to repeat the same steps of rating the book, or for a standards / rating body to do it once and have that information available to the public?

No, but it's more fair since not all parents have the same mores. I don't want information withheld from my children because of your mores, even if that's a more efficient way of doing things.

Comment: Re:Law Enforcement (Score 2) 70

by praxis (#47979181) Attached to: Apple's TouchID Fingerprint Scanner: Still Hackable

I propose setting a nine digit password, enabling touch ID and disabling responding to texts on a lock screen.

Nine digit password is better than four because it is quick to enter when you need to enter it, the length is unknown to an attacker and is less vulnerable to the dirty screen attack. The touch ID can be extracted by law enforcement but using the left middle finger or other less-common touch ID finger means they might run into the failed attempt limit before they get the right finger. Not having to unlock your phone to respond to a text message is convenient but I would disable that because you don't want someone pretending to be you (e.g. a cop responding to a text with "I have the dope ready for delivery" and then using that as probable cause to arrest you).

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by praxis (#47979131) Attached to: It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...

So, would books be voluntarily rated? What about authors or publishers that don't want to front the cost of rating their book? Far, far more books get published every year than movies are put in theaters (by my quick rough research: 2.2M books per year versus 50k movies). Most movies are not rated in the US.

This all seems like a very costly and complicated system for essentially limiting access to information on behalf of parents' fears. In my mind, it's better to shift that cost onto the parents. If a parent does not like X, let them be the filter. Why should libraries, schools and greater society be burdened enforcing millions of different combinations of taboos?

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by praxis (#47978425) Attached to: It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...

The adult section is more to prevent accidental exposure than anything.

To which ideas do *you* want to prevent accidental exposure? It likely differs from my list. It likely differs from everyone else's list. Who defines what books are cordoned off? Who is allowed past the cordon? How do we describe the cordon to library patrons?

Comment: Re:"birth" Oi vey, no "ingles" (Score 1) 206

by praxis (#47974541) Attached to: Apple Sells More Than 10 Million New iPhones In First 3 Days

English being my second language, I went to my dictionary with the hopes of learning something from your comment. Unfortunately, my dictionary only lists two entries for birth the verb:

1. intr. To have birth, be born. rare.
2. trans. To give birth to; to give rise to. Chiefly dial. and U.S. dial.

Do you mean give rise to?

Also, I don't find using words metaphorically to be "simple" English 101, or your 101 classes are rather advanced.

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