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Comment Re:bitrot (Score 1) 80

Not very, is the answer. I bought a movie from Amazon. I wanted to watch it on my family vacation to Canada. I couldn't, because it was region locked. They were nice enough to refund me that purchase and every Amazon Video purchase I had ever made, though. These days, I no longer buy media. That whole industry has soured me on "owning" media. I only rent because at least then I get what I paid for.

Comment Re:I looked at my provider's TOS... (Score 1) 56

Which is why he said "Want guaranteed speeds?" You don't, so of course you won't take the deal. I have a dedicated circuit because I want guaranteed speed. I also pay less than my local cable company charges (though I get slower than they "say I'll get"). It's certainly not orders of magnitude more than them, though.

Comment Re:Nobody to blame but yourself...? (Score 1) 103

I am not sure what protection under the law has to do with anything. Sneeka2 did not mention anything about protections, only the stupidity of Uber's maneuver. Posting a private key in a public place is pretty dumb. Not revoking and changing your keys once you discover the mistake is also stupid. Expecting someone who finds the key to not use it is also stupid.

The things you mentioned are also risks, to different degrees. I don't leave my car unlocked with my wallet on the street. I find that stupid. I shred any paper with my social security number on it. I find putting such paper in the trash stupid. I still expect legal protections in case I do make a mistake, but I would expect that if I left my car unlocked with my wallet on the seat that someone might burgle it. That's a pretty reasonable expectation. It's why I avoid exposing myself to such risk.

Private keys posted on the public internet are dumber than putting a wallet on the seat of an unlocked car.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!