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Comment: Re:Cue blaming the contractor ... (Score 1) 142

poorly defined (and constantly changing) specs

Been there, done that, probably doing it again next week.

I love it when some random project manager leaps into a commercial product only to find the requirements they shopped for when purchasing aren't the same as the business requirements. It usually has some hard to find out of the ordinary feature that was specifically requested and then is missing a couple common critical features that were not mentioned by the requester.

Comment: Re:Orange? (Score 1) 224

by pr0fessor (#47524027) Attached to: Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists

doh! I've not seen it but i watched Josie and the Pussy Cats with my niece last night... if you haven't seen it it is a comedy about subliminal messages in pop music every time a new song comes on what's cool changes orange is the new black or blue is the new orange and all the kids run to the mall to buy all new clothes that color.

Comment: Re:Incomplete data (Score 1) 172

by pr0fessor (#47523547) Attached to: For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

Statistics is an Applied Arts degree.. {The art of making numbers support your argument when they don't}

Anyway tfa doesn't have enough information on how they classifying STEM and non-STEM businesses and positions to draw those conclusions.

The largest numbers are managers at non-STEM businesses (22.5%), or having careers in education (17.7%)

This does not explain how businesses are categorized or if education encompasses all education or excludes the obvious teaching STEM courses.

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by pr0fessor (#47516837) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

"I have yet to talk to a man who has had to call a police officer due to a stalker, only to be told nothing can be done until they are physically assaulted."

Twice I've had that conversation and couple more times I didn't because I already knew what they would say. I know plenty of guys that have been stalked by ex-girlfriends or woman they have worked with, it's not at all unusual. They call the guy over and over, inappropriately show up where he is, try to come between him and any other woman he has a relationship with, sometimes threaten or start fights with his girlfriend or wife. I don't work in a high profile job, and I've had stalkers, one even convinced me to move 500 miles away.

This may happen more frequently to women but don't be deluded into thinking it doesn't happen to men either. It shouldn't happen to begin with.

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by pr0fessor (#47515833) Attached to: Privacy Lawsuit Against Google Rests On Battery Drain Claims

I don't have a smart phone... when it comes to choosing a new cell phone I want good battery life and the ability to make and receive calls. My current phone takes very little time to charge and will last up to 72 hours depending how much it's used. {not usually 72 hours because I rarely go that long with out a phone call}

I was recently shopping for a car and the salesman was telling me about how you can connect your smart phone with bluetooth and all the amazing features. Finally he notices that I was just not interested and asks me what I would like in a vehicle. What was I looking for? transportation, decent fuel economy, warranty, gap, a care plan, enough room for the family.

Trimmings are nice, but when they start to take away from the intended purpose, it's a problem.

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by pr0fessor (#47503673) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

When I was in school I was always excited to go to my science class because we did experiments.... unfortunately my kids never got to experience that due to, possible danger, funding, and insurance considerations all they did was read about it. {but they still have football}

I would rather they bring back science to science classes...

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by pr0fessor (#47433251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

I always test in advance, have a roll back plan, only automate low risk maintenance, test the results remotely, and have a warm body on back up should the need arise. Saves a little sleep since I don't babysit the entire process just the result. I don't have physical access to most of the equipment since it's scattered across multiple data centers so I do most of my work remotely anyway.

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