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Comment: Re:Does Uber need executives in France? (Score 3, Informative) 323 323

Uber left my state although it's one of the most loosely regulated because they didn't feel they should be required to have more than minimum private liability insurance as apposed to the same commercial insurance that taxis are required to have. Medallions are not required and a commercial license for a taxi driver is about $15 more than a regular driver's license every four years.

Comment: Re: Bullshit narrative ... (Score 1) 226 226

Those type regulations don't exist everywhere and they still cry foul when they are asked to have insurance other than the personal minimum liability required by the state for a private noncommercial car. It appears to me that they simply want to first reduce their costs as much as possible by putting the burden of maintaining a fleet of vehicles on the drivers but when they have trouble finding drivers because they can't support the burden they try to claim they are exempt from insuring and licensing their vehicles commercially.

To call Uber a ride sharing service is silly... I go to my phone be it a call, text, or an app and order a ride a car shows up and I pay them for a ride this is how a taxi company works.


Comment: Re:Holy Cow (Score 2) 212 212

My brother has a thinkpad that came with win 3.1 but was somehow upgraded to 95 siting on a bookshelf when ever I go over to his house I have to plug it in and boot it just to see if it still works. He wanted me to put linux or something on it to make it useful again but all it has is a 3.5 floppy.

Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

Well that would be covered under the extended warranty and you want to make sure you get that and anything else it will cover fixed before you trade it in. Also the goal is trade in every three years although probably not for your first new car that one will be five years but you want to get better value on the trade in it doesn't even have to be a different car just new.

This is kind of a regular thing after you make it past the buy in it's cheaper than a lease.

Comment: Re:Where are the round-abouts (Score 1) 203 203

We have two round abouts in my US mid-western town, they are not that great and are in places of low pedestrian traffic. The rest of our intersection are more like the ones vision zero are purposing. They work very well in business areas, slows the cars down so they see the businesses, the angle parking allows more cars parked on a block, and is generally easier than parallel parking. Crosswalks are usually at the end of the blocks where there are traffic lights or have a pedestrian signal that's activated when they press a button to walk.

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