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Comment Re:Need the ARC reactor (Score 3, Insightful) 52

Given the unpredictability in a military or search and rescue situation a power source would be problematic. In an industrial situation a tethered power source might be more practical and allow the operator better precision in a more timely manner than remotely controlled.

Comment Re: Common sense = none (Score 4, Interesting) 283

I have five sons the oldest never had a cell phone, the Internet was dial-up, and had limited access to Internet and technology most of his high school years. The youngest is still in high school has a 5.5 in cell phone with more features than a computer of the early 90s and unlimited Internet access. All of my sons are different but the oldest and youngest are like night and day and it has everything to do with the distraction of technology and a society built on the ideals of instant information and instant gratification. He has trouble studying unless you take away his cell phone.

FYI the youngest thinks weblogs are somehow accurate...I'll take a Chilton's manual over Joe Blows weblog any day.

Comment Re:Wut? (Score 1) 591

I went to school in Kansas they taught evolution in the 70s so I'm not sure what you are talking about. I do know that every few years a few wack jobs try to get that changed but that they still teach evolution and climate change. Sometimes it's the small crazy groups with the loudest voice that get the most attention doesn't mean they get their way.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

Yeah, hard drives are no where near as expensive as they used to be, even a small desktop can run a local server today and serve up 3-4 streams even over wireless. I wanted to do it a little over 10 years ago and didn't because storage and a system to run it on was cost prohibitive but tried again and have been running this system for a couple years and saved myself a bundle over cable.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

My roku doesn't have a voice search but the roku app on my cell phone and tablet can control any roku in the house and use voice or on screen keyboard input for searches has netflix, hulu, amazon, itunes through plex I can play content on my tablet and send it to any of my $69 roku devices pause and switch to a different device without missing anything.

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