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Comment Re:Good.jpg (Score 1) 62

My youngest brother is not so tech savvy asked why websites always looks different on my PC... the answer adblocker... I built him a new PC with ubuntu lts and KDE with a windows like layout and installed firefox and chrome w/adblocker, open office, a few other open source replacements, setup the printer, email, etc... I was worried his wife wouldn't like it and I would be installing win 7 in a month but they both love it everything was already setup and it was familiar enough that they don't even ask questions. I imagine the android tablets and phones have given them enough exposure to an alternative os that it wasn't big deal so long as everything worked.

On to the point... no clue but I have installed adblocker for multiple friends and family.

Comment Re:Officer fears for their life.... (Score 1) 167

Of the option presented the most practical would be dropping pepper spray or tear gas like a crop duster... question is who would they be dropping it on... protesters, strikes, and picket lines? Criminals aren't going to bunch up in a crowd out in the open so you can dust them with pepper spray...

Comment Re:Agree with content, not the name (Score 1) 233

Colleges have become obsessed with how students feel about words. That's the first thing to fix. Life doesn't care how you feel, and you can't be an adult without accepting that

Colleges have to care how their customers feel about their services. Life doesn't care how you feel but a college isn't life and has to treat it's students well if it hopes for them to keep paying large tuition fees every year. Just like any business hoping to have a loyal customer base.

Comment Re:Agree with content, not the name (Score 3, Interesting) 233

Too many people will simply be turned off by the name.

I agree, the words "ignorance" and "ignorant" are used far to often in a negative context. I can see how someone might think it insulting.

When dealing with people you sometime have to choose your words carefully. "You may not have studied this..." is far less likely to cause an argument than "You may be ignorant of this..."

Comment Re:When will people learn (Score 1) 705

I've met a few women that had abusive husbands/boyfriends that would go back to them over and over again after being beaten and breaking up.

Why on earth would you take someone back after they get out of prison for your attempted murder leaving you with a big scar on your throat and a glass eye.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

I had my home stereo stolen and they caught the burglar, the insurance didn't pay because the items were recovered, but it also sat in evidence for a year while his lawyer delayed trial over and over again and finally got him a slap on the wrist. By the time they finally returned the stereo system I had purchased a new one, and the one that was stolen somehow got water damaged while in evidence.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

not to mention I have the victims phone they can't tell me the code but I'm in there house can talk to friends and family and there are all kinds of clues that might tell me the pass code.

If for some reason I needed to get into my son's phone and he couldn't tell me the passcode because he was injured or something I could ask my niece or nephew up the street or one of his friends... I know my niece knows the code I saw her unlock it the other day and call her dad.

Comment Re:I've been laid off at least 5 times during 29y. (Score 1) 179

I've been laid off 4 times twice by the same company, which is also the only one still in business.

I was fired once...

When I was in college for awhile I worked at a McDonald's and a young girl 16yrs old asked her 30 something married manager if there was anything else he needed her to do and he replied "You can do me." so right in front him I said "If you need me to testify just let me know." This had actually been going on for awhile he thought the underage female staff was his personal harem. He fired me at the same time I was going to explain to his boss why I quit.

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