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Comment Re:What's wrong with your cell phone? (Score 1) 163

I had problems with my battery life when I was using a bluetooth head set, I'm on the phone probably 5-6 hours a day. It's not a problem with bluetooth turned off using a wired headset.

My old flip phone was amazing 5-6 hours a day for 2-3 days on a charge and about an hour to charge 100% from completely dead.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 564

Well I disagree with them also... Yes if the primary brake line snaps all you have is the parking brake but because of the way the controls are designed to lock the brake lever which is required for it's primary purpose to keep the brakes engaged when parked they are dangerous to use at speed some designs more than others and we should not be giving the illusion that they are an emergency brake... They are a parking break that will work if the hydraulics go out and hopefully you won't have to use them for anything but parking certainly emergency is not a primary use.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 564

The way those cable systems are put together it would be very easy to cause the brakes to lock this is not what you want in an emergency. You have to understand the locking of lever as you engage it makes it exceedingly dangerous whether you have ever successfully used it is irrelevant. The handle cable brakes with the button that stops the locking action makes is much safer but they don't all have that. I've successfully stopped a car by rubbing a curb that doesn't make it safe or even wise.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 564

Wild ass guess that 75% of the drivers in the US cannot drive a standard transmission and never use the emergency brake.

Only if your polling driver under 30-35 because standard transmissions where fairly popular not that many years ago, you are probably right about the parking break unless they have standard transmission they probably will never use it.

If your manual says it's an emergency brake then I disagree with the manufacture too, at no point should a cable lock system on the brakes be considered an emergency brake it's a parking break.

Comment Re:$1 / week (Score 1) 661

News papers get $0.50 a day or more and people continue to buy, I don't think $52 a year is outrageous for a service I would actually use and enjoy. That being said, it also means that any business ready to adopt a subscription model will need to consistently deliver quality content. $4 a month for wired or $7.99 for hulu wired will need to step it up a lot before they get me to turn off the ad blocker or subscribe.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 3, Informative) 599

Taking away any objections to removing the lines... the idea that this would cause people to slow down any longer than it would take them to get used to no lines is silly. There are plenty of large stretches of minor highway through out the midwest that do not have lines and there are still people still doing 90 - 100 mph on them when the speed limit is 60 - 65 mph.

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