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Comment: Re:9 to 5 is a myth (Score 1) 133

by pr0fessor (#47778061) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession

Many of the people I know who have taken salary positions {not CEO of VP type positions more like senior tech and middle management} get a lot of extra work offloaded onto them, they can't delegate it down to an hourly employee because of overtime, they are afraid to push back or just plain can't, and end up working 50-60 hours a week and making less than they would have as an hourly worker before that big promotion.


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by pr0fessor (#47749787) Attached to: Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

We have about a dozen different models and yes even if only one model had been effected it would have been a bad time. The point is that although it happened it's isolated. I have had it happen on linux before too and it was some off the wall hardware specific issues so very few were actually effected. {I eventually swapped hardware to something a little more mainstream because it was a reoccurring theme}

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by pr0fessor (#47747407) Attached to: Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Yes there was and as I read about it I thought "Oh crap, We have 40k systems that might be effected." but not one had a bsod so I was very relieved {because I have had an update go horribly wrong before I think it was around 2007 .Net 3.0 even though it only effected a small percentage of system it was still bad}.

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You are correct that SaaS has made so much more commercial software available. {but not all commercial software there are still niches where a solution a business is heavily invested in just doesn't have a linux option}

Then there is still the problem that most users still have windows and as a business retraining is not something anyone wants to pay for so who ever has the market share will get used in business. {I think android is making sure that users are turning away from not just windows but also the desktop PC}

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by pr0fessor (#47720105) Attached to: How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

Well I wanted live in a quiet neighborhood and the majority of my retired neighbors fit the stereotype of old people that can't operate a computer... so none.

I do have a co-worker that lives in an apartment who had his internet messed up when someone accessed the main box to steal cable tv.

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Plain and simple if there is an emergency that needs my attention on the weekend or after hours give me a phone call {if I happen to be the person scheduled to be on call} but it had best be important because because it's paid above normal pay.

Otherwise email is used for non time sensitive communication. When I read the email I will reply and give you some kind of expectation. {I get a lot of vague confused requests so "Please schedule a meeting where we can discuss it in further detail" is a common reply} Don't expect me to read email on the weekend while I'm out fishing or something it just isn't happening. {With the exception of a few VPs and Execs that appear to be consumed by email 24/7 this is the company culture}

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by pr0fessor (#47694639) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

I was thinking the trolls would be the first to sign up and the first to complain when they were moderated, after all they are now paying for the right to post. This would likely scare off a lot of business where as a free site can moderate a user and not need to refund them any money while satisfying the heard.

It might keep spammers away though... I imagine they would likely move on to another investment that didn't require cash up front.

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by pr0fessor (#47672219) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?

Do you know any complex software that succeeded in avoiding documentation by having significantly improved usability?

No. I have worked with software that has tried.... there is nothing more annoying.


As a customer, how would you feel with a very simple product (much simpler than the competition but still a bit complex) that has no documentation?

Sometimes simpler is better, but if it's simple enough to not require any documentation then it probably will not meet the users needs.

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It's 5 Ws of trouble shooting... you forgot Who.

You are right a lot of jobs just plain cannot be automated away but I bet if you ask any seasoned sys admin they will show you a boat load of scripts that they run and watch while drinking their {insert caffeinated beverage} and reading /.

I have gigs of scripts I've collected over the years that do all kinds of creating/disabling/moving/modifying AD accounts and custom reporting for ldap and various applications, even telephony related scripts. {gedi master?}

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according to

"the common color vision defects is the red-green deficiency which is present in about 8 percent of males and 0.5 percent of females of Northern European ancestry."

The poll reflects at least that fairly well.

I am curious however that since I've been reading a little about why there is no mention of affects on depth perception {I say this because I'm in the 8% and I have a problem with depth perception when everything is the same color.}

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