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Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 299

Or, to start out, just bury your landing module in a couple meters of sand.
Not once have we dug a hole on another planet/moon of any consequence. If your first dry run is on Mars itself, you're probably going find out you have missed something.

Didn't we already bury a rover on mars... Oh wait we crashed it into mars, my bad.

Comment Re:They all do (Score 3, Insightful) 114

I imagine they are getting more than just a predictive keyboard there are probably licensable patents as well services they can sell to more than just windows users.

If I where running Microsoft with the way windows mobile is perceived now I would be looking to get as many services, apps, and patents as possible that could be licensed in every other mobile OS and mobiles apps.

Comment Re:Promises, promises (Score 1) 151

I'm surprised I've not seen anyone mention that this is the reason they are capping accounts, they can manage high speed transfers but have to many subscribers to be able to maintain the traffic. In order to create a smoke screen for their failure to provide the product they already sold you they start capping accounts hoping not everyone will try to use it all at once.

Comment Re:clean then messy (Score 1) 109

Sounds like my whiteboard it's clean at the start of a project and somewhere in the middle it looks like my brain exploded onto it and not even co-workers that are working the same project know what it means.

The cleanliness of my workspace is directly related to how busy I am, if it's clean and shiny then I'm bored out of my skull, if it looks like a earthquake and a tornado hit it then I'm busy.

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

Cell phones and internet didn't exist in the way they do now not even when my oldest son was in school, the youngest on the other hand has no idea what it's like to live in a world where you aren't connected to the internet able to look up anything you want any time or any where and carry it all around with you in your pocket. I've seen him and his friends text each other while they were in the same room as apposed to actually speaking.

He texts and facebooks from his cell phone constantly even when at school or work....


Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

I was in the 6th grade when this happened and the students were broke up younger students together and the older student in another area all watching the launch. after the explosion the older students all sat there and watched while some of them that wanted to leave went to the auditorium and kept the younger student occupied while most of staff was so stunned they couldn't function.

On sept 11 I was in college {yes I was in college until I was 30 and would still like to go back} and I saw a large group of people in the commons area including the professor for my next class I had no idea what had been happening and my professors only response was class is canceled. We all pretty much stayed there all day watching the big TV in the commons, students and professors.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

as the token skinny guy that sits in the office and only does fifteen minutes of low impact exercise intended to keep my back in good shape.

Here are the rules I follow... Drink water, stay away from soda or any other drink that has corn syrup it really hard to tell how much of this you are taking in so limit it. Stay away from artificial sweeteners and diet soda like they are the plague. take a slightly larger portion of meat at meal time, eat the higher protein foods first that way if you are full and leave anything on the plate you will not have filled up on carbs,

Comment Re:B.o.B. WTF (Score 1) 234

If for some reason you find a post that is well thought out, could probably fool someone of less than average intelligence, and has no basis in fact what so ever. It was probably my brother who likes to troll the people that believe in this stuff. He may have also messed up a few wiki articles so that the facts are only slightly incorrect.

Comment Re:B.o.B. WTF (Score 1) 234

It's not that there has been nothing good... just not a lot that's new. The labels own libraries of copyright material and just keep churning it out with a new spin. Playing the same thing on a keyboard with a different effect over and over doesn't make it new or good and can make something you used like very old and tired.

Comment Re:hey, son, jam that IAB right up your ass. (Score 1) 539

Advertisers have become spoiled by over the air TV and radio with given prices where viewership equals value and blocking adds amounts to ignoring them or going to the restroom when they come on. Online they have to actually serve that ad to someone that isn't actively blocking it to make money.

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