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A Sad Day For the New Zealand Internet 221

Posted by timothy
from the if-you-can't-read-this-you-know-why dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Another one bites the dust, as New Zealand's Internet filter stealthily goes live with two smaller ISPs, and three of the largest already rumoured to have signed up to do the same. However, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is apparently 'committed to helping people to circumvent government internet filtering,' so perhaps the USA will launch an invasion to free the poor downtrodden Kiwis from their own evil government?" Clever of one of the acquiescing ISPs to have named itself "Watchdog."

Comment: Re:XMPP (Score 4, Informative) 122

by ppetrov (#25535231) Attached to: Microsoft Embraces AMQP Open Middleware Standard

This is the first that I've heard of this technology. Can anyone post how this is different than XMPP (

Here's a post about XMPP vs AMQP by Peter Saint-Andre:

IMNSHO, XMPP (+XEPs) makes AMQP redundant. Although some people might argue that, being a binary protocol, AMQP is faster.

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