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The First Talking, Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera 58

merbs writes: Two NYU AI researchers have created a surveillance camera that, when hooked up to a crude artificial intelligence, speaks aloud what it 'sees'. "Our idea was to raise awareness regarding the omnipresence of surveillance equipment, and the current state of technological advancement with artificial intelligence," Ross Goodwin said. "We wanted to create an entity with its own sense of social awareness, its own eyes, and an ability to communicate with humans, albeit with some glitchiness that underscores the limitations of the current technology."

Comment Pick your poison (Score 2) 508

1) Find old Salvation army computers and toss linux on them. This option is probably the cheapest but requires the most time sink from someone to set up.

2) Go for something like (if you can find cheap/free monitors/keyboards/mice). If you can overcome the expense of the monitors/keyboards/mice (find cheap supply or have them donated), this is probably the best time/cost option. The number of parts are really small, and the kits can probably be pre-assembled on a sunday with volunteer labor if you are afraid putting them together might be too much for the students.

3) Otherwise, as you noted, you're in Chromebook territory. Perhaps a fundraiser/sponsorship or some way of trying to subsidize them for the whole class might bring the cost per unit down into the more affordable range for your under-privaleged students (without single them out)?

Comment Re:Tracking (Score 1) 84

Although if you can deploy directly to a collapsed building and "see" locations at a local command center, instead of relying on relaying the data (from multiple vendors cell infrastructure?) possibly through a non-existent internet network, it still might make sense for SaR work.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 1) 313

2. Our drones are effectively remotely piloted aircraft. Not "killbots". There is some chair jockey in a building in the Nevada desert who pilots the craft and fires the missiles and then goes home to be with his family after his shift is done.


Just as an FYI though, it seems that being the pilot, is a job that comes with way more stress than was anticipated (or than the general public appreciates).

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 2) 446

This assumes people ever approach the ability to retire again.

Gone are the days of retiring with a pension to someplace warm, never to work again.

Welcome to the days of concentration of wealth and the need for perpetual employment, but combined with the "joys" of outsourcing, offshoring, reduction of pensions and uncertain future employment.

Comment Re:Yeah, Right (Score 2) 11

I know this is SlashDot and its not in vogue to bother reading the linked article, but at least try out the actual Headline:

Facebookâ(TM)s Oculus to Pay About $60 Million for Gesture-Control Firm Pebbles

and from the article itself:

Pebbles has recently integrated its technology into the virtual-reality headset developed by Facebookâ(TM)s Oculus VR, enabling users to interact with the device via hand and finger gestures. Unlike competing gesture-identification technologies, Pebblesâ(TM) enables users to see images of their own arms and hands in their virtual-reality display. In some other technologies, users canâ(TM)t âoeseeâ their bodies, or only see generic digitally-generated versions. Pebblesâ(TM) technology can show unique features like clothing, scars or items held in oneâ(TM)s hand. ...

This is much more like the guys who figured out how to make the VR "monitor and computer" deciding to buy the guys working on the VR "mouse and keyboard" because they need each other.

Comment Re:Basic Engineering! (Score 1) 163

Shhh this is Slashdot. Common sense goes out the window for most posters.

Bluntly the Region (much like Africa) has been in semi-chaos ever since it was "divided up" by European powers following WWII.

I would argue that the Palestinian people have gotten a raw deal in it all, but it seems like a lot of it is not being happy with what they are offered, deciding to roll the dice for more, losing, and then bemoaning what they lost. Life

Sadly Palestinian leadership (and that of the surrounding countries of Syria, Egypt and Jordan) have kept them locked into refugee camps for generations, perpetuating hatred for the sake of international propaganda value instead of allowing them citizenship and the ability to integrate into society.

Comment pfsense (Score 1) 173

pfsense routers using OpenVPN connection between the two locations (probably location B acting as a Client to location A server, with it set up to route all traffic through the tunnel to A).

Likewise you could also just set up an OpenVPN server at location B and use an OpenVPN client to connect from a machine on "A" to the "B" network for when you need to work on things there (but then you won't have the traffic routing from "B" through "A" before it hits the Internet).

Personally I used a small fanless box from NetGate (that came pre-installed w/pfSense and 6 NICs) to run our SoHo office of ~10 devices on the computer network + another 15 phones on a second network feeding into a second NIC. Load balanced WAN connections from two different providers, and OpenVPN server for remote connections for fixing things at home, and all the bells and usual bells and whistles (for me at least).

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