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Comment: Power Co pays ME for a pos. net flow of data! (Score 4, Funny) 221

by potus98 (#15312846) Attached to: Electric Companies Get Involved With Broadband

Most power companies are required to buy extra electriciy if you generate more power for the grid than you consume. This usually only applies to folks with solar panels and other sources of power that end up contributing to the grid. They get to watch their power meters run backwards!

I wonder if the same principle could be applied to net data flows! I would love to be paid by the power company for massive file sharing since I would be contributing more to the 'net than I consume.


Journal: /. poll: My e-mail signature consists of...

Journal by potus98

My e-mail signature consists of...

-First name only
Reasonable contact info
Full contact info including redundantly included e-mail address
Witty (to you) quotes or sayings
Absurd paragraph(s) of legalease
Cool (to you) ASCII art
CowboyNeal ASCII art

Number of lines in e-mail sig:

Hardware Hacking

Journal: Suggested experiments for old microwave?

Journal by potus98

We recently replaced our microwave oven with a newer model. We now have the means (the old microwave) to conduct fun experiments! What entertaining experiments would /.ers recommend and in what order? We'd like the final experiment to be the MOST entertaining! ;-) BTW: We'll be using a GoldStar model MA-6802 with 120V 8.5A single phase input manufactured 02/1994. It uses turnable dials instead of touch-panel/LCD controls.


Journal: Download to-do list

Journal by potus98

Doors greatest hits
Pink Floyd: Division Bell

Def Leopard: Hysteria
Faith no more

Lee Greenwood (God bless the USA, etc...)
A decent National Anthem
This land is your land (and jib-jab version)

she drives me crazy
wicked game


Journal: /. poll submission #1: Video game behavior IRL

Journal by potus98

Most common video game behavior used in the real world?

  • Mentally arranging tetris blocks amongst everyday objects.
  • Walking sideways around corners.
  • Evaluating public places for sniper nests or kill zones.
  • Heightened anxiety near a flickering overhead light.
  • Double jump instead of stairs.
  • Eating giant mushrooms.
  • My persistent universe is a real world!
User Journal

Journal: RegisterFly sucks

Journal by potus98

Just so I never forget:


They are NOT accredited by ICANN!

They do NOT have any phone support!

They do NOT have any escelation procedures for problems that continue to go unresolved.

Their servers go down for DAYS at a time!

There's no such thing as a free lunch. -- Milton Friendman