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by postglock (#47269497) Attached to: HUGO Winning Author Daniel Keyes Has Died

The movie on the other hand, is pretty forgettable... its very much a 70s movie.

It's all taste, I suppose, but the '70s was a fantastic film era IMO. It was the era where Hollywood embraced subversion to government and corporations, encapsulated by such films as Network, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Godfather, The Deer Hunter, A Clockwork Orange, MASH, Dog Day Afternoon, and, of course, The Life Of Brian.

I haven't seen Charly, but calling it "very much a 70s movie" is high praise indeed!

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No, sorry, I didn't mean to suggest the devs were unethical. And yes, it seems that we both define "unethical" as "pro-privacy" :)

You might be right that it's a bug. However, in this case, it still polls extremely regularly even if I *don't* restrict the permissions. So I think that even if it gets the location, it still polls this frequently.

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Okay, thanks for the response and candidness. Despite the brain drain, I suppose Swype is fairly mature anyway.

Since I have a rooted phone, I can deny Swype internet access and be comfortable that I'm not being tracked, but I was more concerned that I was supporting an unethical company. However, I've already paid, so I suppose it doesn't make any difference.

Good luck with Dryft. I don't have a tablet, but it looks pretty nifty!

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Disclosure: I worked at Swype 2 years ago. I left 6 months after the buyout. At that time we didn't make any requests for location.

I'm not sure how much you can disclose, but there seems to be a general discontent with Nuance and their level of competence since the takeover. I was wondering if you can shed any light on this, and the future development of Swype.

I think Android in general needs to be more granular with permissions- I should be able to turn on and off permissions by app, and the OS should return a reasonable default or throw an exception if the permission isn't granted.

That's one of the advantages of Cyanogenmod (and presumably other custom ROMs). Hopefully this feature will roll out into most ROMs one day.

+ - Swype Android keyboard makes almost 4000 location requests every day

Submitted by postglock
postglock (917809) writes "Swype is a popular third-party keyboard for Android phones (and also available for Windows phones and other platforms). It's currently the second-most-popular paid keyboard in Google Play (behind SwiftKey), and the 17th highest of all paid apps.

Recently, users have discovered that it's been accessing location data extremely frequently, making almost 4000 requests per day, or 2.5 requests per minute. The developers claim that this is to facilitate implementation of "regional dialects", but cannot explain why such frequent polling is required, or why this still occurs if the regional function is disabled.

Some custom ROMs such as Cyanogenmod can block this tracking, but most users would be unaware that such tracking is even occurring."

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by postglock (#46648697) Attached to: Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

Good points. I'm from Australia, and AFAIK we don't tend to use CGNAT. (Is that common in the US?)

Also, I'm not sure if they'd consider a private home server to be a "publicly visible" servers. Probably, if they can charge you business-plan rates instead.

With all the NSA revelations, I have a prediction that one day we'll be able to buy pre-built Pi-esqe home servers to use as an email server, cloud storage, etc., in a bid to totally de-centralise it all. Or maybe people just won't care, like most do now. :/

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