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+ - Slashdot polls -- good idea, or useless?

Submitted by posterlogo
posterlogo (943853) writes "Do people find the tagging system to be useful? How frequently do you make use of it? Often I find stories tagged "haha", which doesn't seem to be all that useful for finding something specific, since more than half the stories get this tag. Worse, lately there's been a lot of politicizing — tags like "liberalpropaganda" or "republicansarefuckingfacists". These appear to be just another way to make an anonymous coward statement. Do you like the tagging system?"
Input Devices

+ - Optimus Keyboard to cost $1,200

Submitted by
posterlogo writes "The Art Lebedev Optimus project has announced pricing for the Optimus 103 keyboard (the one without color or the 10 extra launcher keys) — a whopping $1200. Ya, you read correctly. Apparently they're so optimistic, they think they can get 103 preorders: "By the way, on December 12 we are going to accept only 103 pre-orders (one hundred and three pre-orders) at a price of US$1200 with a shipping date about May 2007. Later on we'll start accepting more pre-orders at sub-1000 price with a shipping date around September 2007." Reactions from followers of the project range from "dissapointment" to "deceit" or "fraud", apparently because the original 113 key color version was supposed to be available within "the price of a decent mobile phone"."

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