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Comment: Re:I actually registered on FaceBook (Score 1) 262

by poslfit (#24428477) Attached to: Scrabulous Returns To Facebook, As Wordscraper

"How could a company like Hasbro, hiring a company like EA mess up something that should be relatively easy to convert into a program."

Hasbro did not hire EA to do anything: Hasbro monetized some of the goodwill in its Scrabble brand by selling a long-term licence for electronic Scrabble products to EA.

If decision-makers at EA were clever, they would have just licensed Scrabulous, which was the first Scrabble server to manage to get it right, and appeal to expert and everyday players alike.

"I am not a programmer, but I would think that a game like Scrabble would be easy to make into an online game."

I am a programmer, and ran my own, um, generic crossword game server for many years, and can assure you that doing a good job of writing a Scrabble server is not at all easy, as evidenced by the fact that many have tried and so far only one has succeeded.

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